Flying House Tour Concept, China

Flying House Tour Concept, Chinese children’s play club design project, South China architecture images

Flying House Tour Concept in China

5 September 2023

Architects: URO Design Concepts

Renders by URO Design Concepts

Flying House Tour Concept, China children’s play club

The Flying House Tour is a children’s play club project,is located in a Chinese-style building. In order to make the children’s area match the overall concept, URO Design Concepts combined the shape of the children’s tree house with traditional Chinese architectural elements.

URO Design Concepts hope to combine architecture and local culture to create a unique flying house form, extracting local The eaves of the ancient building give the original straight roof a slightly curved arc, and at the same time weaken the sharp corners to form a flying house shape, interlocking and tending to be independent.

Tree houses, there is such a house, they are built on trees, built in nature. Houses with different heights and shapes are placed in a limited space, interlaced to form a centripetal form, and with the function of climbing the slide and bubble pool, a flying house theater is defined. The floor adopts the elements of grass, and children walk into a world full of adventure and creativity like forest elves.

The hot air balloons in the reading area lifted off carrying the yearning for freedom and hope. Countless hot air balloons floated in the air with the rising sun, as if they were out of the control of the earth. The flying house is upside down here, and children can climb, slide, play and play, explore the world, and discover their own imagination, curiosity and innovation. Just because it is with children, no matter how small or trivial life is, it is a gorgeous adventure.

Images by URO Design Concepts

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Location: Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China, eastern Asia

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