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Japanese House Designs

Key Contemporary Residential Buildings in Japan, Asia

post updated 30 Sep 2020

Japanese House Architecture

We have various pages of Contemporary Japanese House selections with links to hundreds of individual project pages. We aim to select projects that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both.

We cover completed Japanese homes, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Japan. Comments on the selection welcome. The focus is on contemporary Japanese residential buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

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Recent House Designs in Japan

New Properties in Japan – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

added 23 May 2012
Villa Overlooking the Sea, Hayama, Japan
Edward Suzuki Associates
Villa Overlooking the Sea Hayama Shonan House Property Residence Hayama Shonan
photo : Yasuhiro Nukamura
Villa Overlooking the Sea
This is a vacation home expected to become a permanent house in the future. Located about an hour’s car ride away from downtown Tokyo, it is located in the sea resort of Hayama in the Shonan region, adjacent to the more well known, old city of Kamakura.

20 Apr 2012
Storage House, Kanagawa, Tokyo
Ryuji Fujimura Architects
Storage House Tokyo
photograph : Takumi Ota
Storage House Tokyo
New property located in a residential area on the suburbs of Tokyo.

added 1 Apr 2012
Static Quarry, Gunma
Takashi Fujino / Ikimono Architects
Static Quarry
photo by architects
Static Quarry
In the tenement house where 8 households live in, a lot of holes become vacant like a stone pit. In the floor space that include to the roof terrace, the outside is larger than the room, and the inside and the outside are complicated in a dwelling unit.

added 8 Mar 2012
Small House in Meguro-ku, south of Tokyo
Hiroyuki Unemori architects
Meguro-ku House
photograph : Ken Sasajima
House in Meguro-ku
The small house which the married couple and their child live stands at the densely populated area in Tokyo. Though the neighboring houses is very close, I aimed to design the house which exceed the physical narrowness living at the city.

11 Jan 2012
Wind-dyed house, Yokohama, central Japan
Kazuhiko Kishimoto / acaa
Wind-dyed house Japan
photograph : Hiroshi Ueda
Wind-dyed house
A residential building located halfway up a cliff, overlooking the ocean. Thick clumps of trees that grow along the slope of the land surrounding the house cast a series of organic silhouettes that make the slope seem to come alive. We decided that the appropriate form to build would be as low-lying as possible, while also allowing the architecture to become embedded in the surrounding landscape according to the contours of the terrain.

22 Sep 2012
Roomroom, Tokyo
Takeshi Hosaka Architects
photograph : Koji Fujii / Nacasa&Pertners Inc.
Itabashi House
This is a house where deaf parents and two children are living. The two sides of the premises are facing narrow roads in an overcrowded residential area in Itabashi ward, Tokyo.

Japanese Home Designs

Japanese House Designs, alphabetical:

Atelier Tekuto
Parabola house
photo : Makoto Yoshida
Parabola house

Projection House
Projection House
image from architects
Projection Home : design competition

Reflection of Mineral
Atelier Tekuto
Reflection of Mineral
photograph : Makoto Yoshida
Tokyo house

Residence in Kishigawa, Wakayama
Mitsutomo Matsunami Architects
Kishigawa House
image : Mitsutomo Matsunami
Kishigawa House

Residence in Matsugaoka, Hyogo
Mitsutomo Matsunami Architects
Residence in Matsugaoka
photo : Mitsutomo Matsunami
Matsugaoka House

Roof on the Hill, Takarazuka, near Osaka
Takarazuka Home
picture : Kai Nakamura
Roof on the Hill

SHELL, Karuizawa, Nagano
Kotaro Ide / ARTechnic architects
SHELL villa
picture : Nacasa & Partners Inc.
SHELL villa

Shounan House, Kanagawa, south Japan
Jun Igarashi Architects
Kanagawa House
photograph : Iwan Baan
Shounan House

Strata House, Kobe-city, Hyogo Prefecture
Tadashi Suga Architect
Strata House
photo : Yoshiharu Matsumura
Strata House

Tokiwa House, Sakai City
Kenji Tagashira
Japanese Home
photograph : Kei Sugino
Japanese Home

T Residence, Otsu-shi, Shiga, central Japan
EASTERN design office
Otsu house
photograph : Koichi Torimrua
Residence in Shiga

Y-House, Tokyo
Frank la Riviere, Architects inc.
Y House Tokyo
image : Atarashi Ryouta

Zen house, Hiroshima
Ryuichi Furumoto
Zen house
image from architects
Zen house

Japanese Home Designs – No Links

Silver Hut house, Tokyo
Toyo Ito & Associates

Soft and Hairy House, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki
Ushida Findlay Architects

Spiral Wall House, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Ushida Findlay Architects

Sou Fujimoto Architects

Truss Wall House, Machida-city, Tokyo
Ushida Findlay Architects

Water/Glass Villa, Shizuoka Prefecture
Kengo Kuma & Associates
Water/Glass Villa
photograph : Mitsumasa Fujitsuka

White U house
Toyo Ito & Associates

YKK guest house, Kurabe

Fumihiko Maki

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