Y-House in Fukui, Japan property

Y-House Fukui building, Japanese Studio and Retail Development, Modern residence architecture photos

Y-House in Fukui, Japan

2 Jun 2023

Architects: Baum

Location: Fukui, Japan

Y-House Fukui Japan

Photos by Naoki Myo

Y-House, Japan

Y-House is a new residence on land surrounded rice fields and mountains to the northern side.

Y-House Japan

Y-House Japan

The priority was given to enjoying the change of four seasons by installing a large window on the roadside rather than worrying about to be seen because only nearby residents pass by the road in front of the house and there is a difference in elevation.

Y-House Fukui Japan

Y-House Fukui

The unique curled exterior and galvalume make the building look light and airy and the poach area was built so that part of the wall is rolled up to work as a windbreak room.

Y-House Japan Y-House Japan

Y-House Fukui Y-House Fukui

Y-House, Fukui – Building Information

Design: Baum – https://baum.jp/

Project size: 137 sqm
Completion date: 2022
Building levels: 2

Y-House Japan Y-House Fukui Japan

Y-House Fukui Japan Y-House Fukui Japan

Photography: Naoki Myo

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Location: Fukui, Japan, eastern Asia

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The architects describe their work thus:

It contains the essence and future value of architecture pursued by Beom Architecture. The essence of architecture is that architecture is not only a beautiful form, but also a vessel that contains the lives of everyone who uses the place.
It contains the belief that we want to find common values for the future that everyone can sympathize with amidst the diversity of architecture.
With the floor plan of the office building where Bum Architecture first started as a motif, Bum Architecture’s philosophy of passion, creativity, cooperation, and responsibility is expressed.
source: http://www.baum.co.kr/about-us/baum-ci

Future is shaped by the integrated design innovation and prospective insight.
Through the architecture, BAUM Architects creates and embodies a distinctive interrelationship between earth and human, art and technology.• Master Plan

Building Typologies

• Hospitality / Residential
• Health + Medical
• Commercial + Retail
• Mixed Use + Development
• Culture + Entertainment
• Education / Research
• Transportation
• Tall Buildings

Contact Information

205-610 Habio Tower, 111, Songpa-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05837, Korea
Tel +82 2 538 9966
[email protected]
[email protected]

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