Knit House, modern Japan property

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Knit House in western Japan

6 June 2023

Design: UID architects

Location: western Japan

Knit House Nagano Japan

Photos by Koji Fujii / TOREAL

Knit House, Japan

The concept was for a large roof that gently outlines the earth and the sky.

The Knit House is built on a slope stretching from the mountainside to the base of the mountain, where there has been residential development since the 1970s. While the site is located near the city center, the area is abundant with greenery and nature.

Knit House Nagano Japan

How-ever, incongruous high-rise condominiums on the south side of the site, which is long and narrow in the north-south direction, created a strange view and made it difficult to secure natural light and privacy from the south side. On the other hand, the east side, with its difference in elevation, overlooked a beautiful river along the slope and had an excellent view of both the city and the mountains in the distance.

Knit House Japan Knit House Japan

We proposed a three-dimensional space that defines the interior and exterior areas with a sectional plan rooted in the earth that integrates the microtopography of the site and an expansive roof. Specifically, a large roof with 1,000 mm × 64 mm laminated wood woven in a 2,700 mm grid pattern is supported by six cross-shaped steel pillars.

Knit House Japan

The flat and rigid roof and multiple floor levels continually inspire a variety of spatial experiences in relation to the exterior, gradually shifting the quality of the space from open to introverted.

Knit House Nagano Japan

In current times, when buildings often diverge from the surrounding environment, carefully decoding the given topography and surrounding environment and reconstructing the rich relationship between people and architecture will lead to the restoration of the natural landscape in this area.
Keisuke Maeda

Knit House Japan

Knit House in Nagano, Japan – Building Information

Architectural Design Office: UID architects –

Principal Architect / Lead Architect: Keisuke MAEDA / UID

Project size: 233 sqm
Site size: 623 sqm
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 2

Knit House Nagano Japan Knit House Nagano Japan

Photographs: Koji Fujii / TOREAL

Knit House in Nagano, Japan images / information received 060623 from UID architects

Location: Nagano, Japan, eastern Asia

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