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post updated 8 April 2023

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Prague Architecture Tours
Building Tours in the Czech Republic launched by e-architect – our 38th city
Czech National Library Building - Prague Architecture
picture from architect
Prague Architecture Walking Tours
Prague is a picturesque city with a well preserved historic centre. There are buildings here by Adolf Loos, Steven Holl (design interior – a reconstruction), Eva Jiricna and Frank Gehry. Some 200 km to the south-east (in Brno) is a classic building by Mies van der Rohe, one of his best works – Villa Tugendhat. There are some intriguing Cubist buildings dotted around the city and an enclave of Modernist buildings to the west.


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10 Apr 2021
J&T Finance Group Headquarters, Sokolovská 700/113a, Prague 8 – Karlín
Design: CMC architects
J&T Finance Group Headquarters Prague
photograph : BoysPlayNice
J&T Finance Group Headquarters
The design of the façade is a juxtaposition of technological rationality and irregularity – an approach inspired by the works of important abstract painters and sculptors. The clear right angles are also repeated in the general layout of the interior.

7 Nov 2013
Longin Business Center, Prague 2
Design: 4a architekti
Longin Business Center Prague interior design
picture by architects
Longin Business Center
The reception area and atrium are “enveloped” in a cloaking perforated wall of seamless Corian, uniting the areas and clearly defining the principle of complete transformation. Perforations are based on a Voronoi diagram of cell structures evolving from regular to organic shapes as their proximity to the garden atria changes.

23 Sep 2013
Revitalisation of the Crucifix Bastion, Prague 2
Design: MCA atelier
Revitalisation of the Crucifix Bastion Prague
photograph : Filip Slapala
Revitalisation of the Crucifix Bastion
Though itself of Baroque date, Bastion is a part of the medieval fortifications of the New Town of Prague. The impermeability of the area created an inner periphery, a strip of inaccessible and unused greenery within the central city, in certain points approaching the character of a “brownfield”.

1 Sep 2013
Na Vackove Residential Houses, Prague, Czech Republic
Design: Unit Architekti
Na Vackove Residential Houses Prague
photo : Filip Slapal
Na Vackove Residential Houses
The housing complex Vackov represents project which emerged from long-term research of residential qualities of the built environment. Utilizing low-rise/high density principles, Vackov is an example of compact urban development with attractive common spaces and as such represents a sustainable alternative to suburban housing.

30 Aug 2013
Red Hill Rise – Mixed-use building in Prague
Design: Maxwan Architects + Urbanists, Rotterdam
Red Hill Rise Prague
image from architects office
Red Hill Rise
Red Hill Rise, a mixed use building on top of a metro station, consists of offices and retail located along one of the major spine road connecting airport and historical city centre of Prague. Backdrop of the project is a dramatically steep slope (max. 14m height difference), the site being located in a tranquil residential area while required program is purely commercial and requires expressive architecture.

6 Aug 2013
Kit Digital Prague
Design: 4a architekti
Kit Digital in Prague
photo : Ondřej Polák
Kit Digital Prague
The concept is a ‘pixeled thread of notions’ based on geographical locations as a matrix of events associated with digital content. Illustrating the Client’s global reach the architects designed the interior as destinations. Localities include ocean / beach; jungle / savannah; desert / oasis; urban landscape / city at night.

21 May 2013 + 3 Apr 2012
Prague National Gallery Entrance Hall
Architects: Mateo Arquitectura
Prague National Gallery Entrance Hall
image from architects
Prague National Gallery Entrance Hall
These spanish architects announce the completion of the final phase of the Prague National Gallery Entrance Hall project: connecting hall, main entrance of the National Gallery and access between the palaces Salm and Schwarzenberg.

15 May 2013
Centrum Černý Most, Prague – building news
Design: Benoy, Architects
Prague Retail Building
image from architects
Centrum Černý Most Prague
Benoy, the international, award-winning firm of Architects, Masterplanners, Interior and Graphic Designers, is delighted to announce the opening of Centrum Černý Most. Located to the east of Prague, Centrum Černý Most, was launched to great applause; the VIP party saw performances from the Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK and the celebrations were attended by over 5,000 people.

15 Mar 2013
Dancing House – ‘Fred and Ginger‘ – new photos
Design: Frank Gehry
Dancing House Building Prague
photograph © Ivan Andera
Dancing House Prague
After Jean Nouvel turned down the invitation, Frank Gehry architect accepted. He nicknamed the project Fred and Ginger. Some interiors of the investor’s offices were designed by Eva Jiricna. Completed 1996, first very controversial for the Prague citizens, now widely acknowledged piece of art.

20 Feb 2013
City Green Court, Prague 4- Pankrác
Design: Richard Meier & Partners
City Green Court Building
photograph © Roland Halbe
City Green Court Prague
City Green Court is the third of a cluster of buildings designed by Richard Meier & Partners and it completes the corner of the Radio Plaza superblock located in the Pankrac area of Prague. The building is conceived of as a geometric volume in dialogue with the near context while offering respected contrast to the surrounding buildings.

Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle
Oren Sagiv architect
Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle Prague
picture from architect
Intersection: Intimacy and Spectacle

Prague Architecture Competition

21 Mar 2012
Bridging Prague Competition
reSITE / Skanska Design Contest
Bridging Prague Architecture Competition
picture from design contest organisers
Bridging Prague Competition
Skanska: Bridging Prague Award is a challenge for interdisciplinary collaboration on new conceptions to connect the river with the historical capital city. A new international idea competition is announced by reSITE Festival, ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague) and Skanska, to find new conceptions and proposals for the River Vltava, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague Architecture

This page contains a selection of major Prague building designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Prague Architecture, but additions are always welcome.

We cover completed Czech buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Austria. The focus is on contemporary Prague buildings but information on traditional architecture is also welcome.

Major Czech Republic Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Amazon Court, Karlin Quarter
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Amazon Court Prague
picture from architect
Prague Office Architecture

Andel’s Hotel
Jestico + Whiles
Andel's Hotel Prague
image from architect
Andel’s Hotel Prague

The Czech National Library Building
Future Systems
Czech National Library Building
picture from architect
Czech National Library Architecture Contest

Franz Kafka Society Center
Steven Holl / Marcela Steinbachová
Franz Kafka Society Prague
picture © A. Lhotakova
Franz Kafka Society

Hotel Josef Prague
Eva Jiricna Architects
Hotel Josef Prague
image from architects
Contemporary Prague Hotel Building

Villa Müller
Architect: Adolf Loos
Adolf Loos building
photo : Martin Polak
aka Villa Mueller

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Prague Architectural Designs

Contemporary Architecture in Prague – architectural selection below:

Eva Jiricna : Czech Architect

Modern Prague Buildings
Modern Prague building
photo © Adrian Welch

Prague Cubist Architecture
Prague Cubist architecture
photo © Adrian Welch

Zlin Congress Centre
Eva Jiricna Architects
Zlin building
picture from architect

Czech house : Tugendhat Villa BrnoMies van der Rohe Architect

Prague Building Developments : old photos

Future Systems led by Czech architect Jan Kaplicky

Brno Buildings

Buildings / photos for the Prague Architecture page welcome