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5 Basics For Every Toddler’s Room

27 Aug 2020

The arrival of a toddler to the house, although it is exciting in every aspect, requires a certain effort to design and organize all the elements that will meet the needs of the new little kid. Organization and cleanliness are very important aspects of formulating a functional and safe toddler development space.

There are 2 rules from which we must start focusing on, to design a space for our toddler that meets their needs for correct development.

Rule number one: Focus on the needs of the toddler as well as the keeper. This rule refers to the organization and the layout being also intended for another user, parents, or keepers. Things like organization furniture or lounging furniture will facilitate the wonderful, but sometimes hard work of caring for a young child.

Rule number two: Start first with the selection of the furniture and bedding, and its position within the room, then with the decoration in general. While you can take decor into account while selecting furniture, making decoration as a priority can end up in a non-functional inefficient space.

If you are interested in knowing how to make a space for your little toddler, here we have a list of the 5 basic elements for a safe and functional dorm that will enhance the development of the little kid during his growth stage.

5 basics for every toddlers room tips
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5 Basics For Every Toddler’s Room Guide

Organizer Furniture

Even before the arrival of your toddler, things have accumulated over time, from gifts to inheritances. Sometimes this is often uncomfortable when we do not know how to organize it, but the market offers smart storage solutions even in small spaces. Hidden places in the room, like under-bed storage and door hangers, are creative ways to come up with space solutions. Many of this furniture is designed for its practicality of use concerning parents.

Some furniture even has double functionalities because they store objects and also have platforms for the care of your toddler. Organizers that are available on the market focus on items like diapers, clothing, and personal care items. Also, the market offers spacers and dividers that can better organize the storage area in the room.

Bed Comforter

The care of a little child is not only during the day but during the night. Sometimes the toddler needs extra protection, especially in cold weather, so that he stays warm all night long and has a deep and relaxing sleep in a cozy place. A bed comforter for a toddler is a way to give him that extra comfort while in bed, protect him from the weather, and give him a feeling of well-being.

The market has comforters for both adults and children. Brand’s design comforters focused on the needs of babies and parents since they are usually made of synthetic fabrics that are easy to wash and tend to have a long life. There are innumerable reasons why your child should have a comforter; however, you will discover them meanwhile using it.


A safe crib is a primary need in the life of a small toddler if we think about it, a child leaves the crib around the age of 3, so an initial investment in a comfortable, safe, friendly, and cozy crib for the child will bring many benefits in the stage of growth and adaptation to the new world.

The cribs are usually made of many materials and have characteristics that fulfill functionalities such as safety and comfort, even the new generations of cribs come with rocking chairs and integrated toys. Analyze well the choice of a crib, optimal comfort, and safety of the child will be of utmost importance during the stage of planning a toddler room.


The playmats bring a special area for playing and psychomotor development on the growth stage, it provides a safe space isolated from the cold floor in which your child can enjoy pleasant moments of play and interaction with other people or toys. Such space is also very useful when the child begins to take her first crawls since it acts on a cushioned surface isolated from solid and cold materials.

The new rugs that the market offers come in an infinite variety of colors and sizes, and they also have spectacular designs. The material from which they are made can be natural or synthetic woven in such a way that they are easy to wash, clean, and dry. Without a doubt, this is an item that your child will enjoy a lot.

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Toys and decoration

The taste for decoration is an aspect of the personality of each decorator; however, warm and bright colors are usually more visually attractive for young children. A decorated space not only represents an aesthetic theme but is the driver for a world where the mind of a young toddler can expand towards creativity and imagination. The decoration goes with the correct selection of interactive and fun toys.

On the other hand, it is necessary to make sure to buy toys that are suitable for the child’s age since they have specific functionalities for each stage of the child’s development. Toys develop the creativity and imagination of children; however, never before toys have had such a level of sophistication, today we can find in the market simple wooden toys a, furthermore, electronic toys that are able to interact as a robot with the kid.

Undoubtedly there are many elements necessary to create a safe and comfortable environment for the optimal development of your child; however, this list only marks the basics that you can begin to focus on. If you want to go deeper, you will be able to find an infinity of articles and furniture on the market, each one adapted to different needs and tastes.

We all have the illusion of creating a suitable environment for the small members of the family together with everything related to the decoration of the little toddlers; that is why we hope that these 5 basics lists have been helpful for you.

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