Daodao Coffee in Intime City

Daodao Coffee in Intime City

In our opinion, projects should start with some exact questions, and good design should answer them. Our question about this project is how to make sure everyone can find their place in this small space. We solved this problem through changeability of small spaces and the integration of material and lighting.

Light Years Eatery in Melbourne, Hawthorn East

Light Years Eatery in Melbourne

ZWEI Interiors Architecture have designed a space that evokes the sense of the universe beyond. Light years is an eatery in Melbourne that references both the environment and experience of the inter-planetary universe. This is achieved through Coloured film and lighting positioned to play with colour in the building.

Smart Home in Melbourne: renovation

Smart Home in Melbourne

The Green Sheep Collective’s Smart Home is a renovation and extension to a two-bedroom single-fronted timber Victorian cottage in inner Melbourne. It utilises a wide range of social, healthy, environmental and passive solar design principles and products to create a high-level environmentally sustainable home that is also modestly-sized and affordable.