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11 Common Household Bugs

26 Aug 2022

Common Household Bugs

Bed bugs are a big problem that is mostly solved by professionals. Lately, after waking up, have you found red pimples on your body that are unpleasantly itchy and look like mosquito bites? Do you notice strange black dots on furniture and bedding? Or have you ever spotted tiny brown bugs moving around your home? In that case, bed bugs have likely moved in with you. These are wingless bugs that feed on human blood.

Where Can You Most Often Spot Bed Bugs?

These bugs tend to hide in the bed, which is why this pest is also known as the bed bug, but also under the carpet, in various crevices, or behind furniture. They are not very active during the day but come out at night in search of a human host. However, if someone disturbs them by inexpertly interfering with their nest, the colonies will begin to leave and spread throughout the facility.

So how do you get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible? Although many people claim that you can eliminate these pests yourself, the opposite is true. The possible ways to exterminate these uninvited visitors is either you get electronic bug repellent which is powerful and harmless to humans and pets or with the help of professionals who have at their disposal special insecticides with a high concentration of active substances, which you cannot buy in a regular drugstore.


Of course, cockroaches are among the most feared pests in Nigerian households. It is not for nothing that they are said to be indestructible and not even a nuclear bomb can kill them. So whether you have a common cockroach, a brown-striped cockroach, or even a house roach, you have a real problem. They spoil food, transmit bacteria, mites, and disease-causing germs, and spread an unpleasant smell around them.

Wondering How To Spot A Cockroach?

These beetles have a flattened body, six legs, and two prominent antennae on their heads. When it comes to typical coloring, the most common are brown, brown-black, or yellowish shades. Cockroaches in the apartment run quickly and look for places where there is enough moisture, but at the same time, they are not far from the food source. For that reason, you will most often find them in the kitchen or bathroom.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In The Apartment?

Always keep in mind that you are not enough for these pests. Therefore, we advise that you use an Ever Pest Guard which produces high ultrasonic waves to drive away these invited guests from your apartment in no time flat. This is a cost effective method and it’s highly effective.

Common Household Bugs

The Darkroom Of The Warehouse And The Wormhole Of The Pantry

The nightmare of every proper housewife is the situation when she discovers pests in her kitchen. Whether it’s bugs in the flour or uninvited visitors in the pantry, it can mean a big problem. These bugs in the kitchen spoil stored food, destroy their packaging and leave small feces behind in the food. And how do they get to your house? You can inadvertently bring them from the supermarket, for example in sugar or flour.

Among the most widespread species that you can find at home is the pantry worm. It measures 2-4 millimeters, has a yellow-brown cylindrical body with small hairs, and mainly lives in kitchens and pantries. In these places, it attacks all kinds of food, from baked goods to spices, and leaves behind round holes in paper or plastic packaging. Similar mischief can also be done by the warehouse worm, which looks like cumin seeds.

To exterminate tapeworms and bedbugs in the apartment, it is first necessary to eliminate the source of the infection and throw away all contaminated food immediately. It is also a good idea to store the remaining food in airtight containers, clean the entire kitchen carefully and check the newly brought food properly before storing it.

Cutworms and roundworms attack and spoil food, in particular flour, various bowls of cereal, biscuits, and chocolate, but also spices, dry floral arrangements, or pellets for animals.

Common Household Bugs – Carpenters : Woodpeckers

Another bug in the apartment, the presence of which people often struggle with, is the woodpecker. It is a representative of wood-destroying insects, whose larvae cause harm in the home by attacking any wood they come across. They gradually eat it, create corridors in it, and small bulges are created on the spot. As for the places where you can usually find woodpeckers, they most often attack rafters, beams, wooden floors, but also furniture.

How Do You Know That Carpenters Have Settled In Your Home?

Their presence is usually revealed by a typical crunching sound that resonates well in silence, but also by small holes in furniture and piles of sawdust that fall from the attacked wood. If the occurrence of hornworms is not extensive, you can try commonly available preparations intended for wood impregnation.

The woodpecker prefers dry softwood. You will most often find it in the roofs of new houses, for the construction of which wood infested with the eggs of this beetle was used.

Common Household Bugs – Molly

Are tiny beige and gray butterflies flying around your kitchen? Unfortunately, these are probably food moths, such as mealworms or pepper moths, which spoil food with their excrement. You can bring them home in a bag of flour or together with legumes, in biscuits, or a bag with spices. How to get rid of them? Throw away all infested food, wash the cupboards, vacuum the eggs and larvae, and place mops in the kitchen.

Not all pests necessarily move around in the kitchen. It may therefore happen that you are surprised by bugs in clothes, which we know as clothes moths. They like room temperature and a moist environment, and their larvae feed on the keratin contained in natural materials such as wool or cotton. That is why you usually find these flying insects in the home hiding in the folds of clothes and unventilated wardrobes.

Common Household Bugs – Clothes Moths?

  • Ventilate the room and let in enough light.
  • Wash and clean wardrobes regularly.
  • Also, wash clothes that you don’t wear very often.
  • Always store washed clothes dry in cupboards.
  • Scent your clothes with orange peel or lavender.
  • Never put paper in the wardrobe.

If you carefully follow all these recommendations and the moths still do not want to move out of the apartment, you can also try special scented bags, sprays, or curtains against moths. Clothes moth traps for closets are also available in the market.

The wardrobe moth grows to a size of 4-8 millimeters and has long antennae and shiny, pale ocher or silvery forewings with long fringes.

Common Household Bugs – Ants

Of course, we must not forget about the ubiquitous ants. These house bugs do a lot of mischief in the kitchen and can easily spread to all the surrounding rooms. All you have to do is leave a spilled juice or sweet bun somewhere and before you know it, it will be swarming with hundreds of tiny black creatures. In addition, not only the commonly found common ant but also the inhabited pharaoh can move into the apartment.

House pests - property insects

Ants are social insects, they live in huge colonies and are found almost all over the Earth.

An overpopulation of ants can have various adverse consequences for humans. Not only do these household pests spoil any food they can get their hands on, but they also spread a lot of bacteria around. If you want to prevent ants from entering your apartment, you can try some of the “proven” tricks:

  • Seal all window and door frames well.
  • Try to seal all gaps, cracks, and crevices.
  • Store food in resealable cans and containers.
  • Do not leave any crumbs or spilled sugar on the counter.
  • Sprinkle the ant trails with baking powder, hot paprika, or pepper.
  • You can sprinkle baking soda along doors and windows or even on windowsills.
  • You can also try rubbing toothpaste on window sills and window frames.
  • Wipe the floors with vinegar water and place cloves in the apartment.
  • Grow lavender, basil, or mint on the windowsill.
  • For ant shelters, bait salted celery is sprinkled with cinnamon.

Common Household Bugs

If you fail to prevent ants from moving into the apartment, you can try to exterminate them using freely available means. However, these are often ineffective due to the low concentration of the active substance. We advise you to visit for more effective approaches on dealing with household bugs.

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