DITUR HQ in Cordoba, Argentina

DITUR HQ, Córdoba Shop Interior, Argentinan Commercial Building Project, Architecture Photography

DITUR HQ in Cordoba

Foreign Exchange and Travel Agency in Argentina design by odda

23 Apr 2019

DITUR Headquarters

Architecture: odda – office of design and art

Location: Av Colón 5000, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

The design for DITUR Headquarters – Foreign Exchange and Tourism – was made in a space of generous dimensions: a neutral box 30 meters deep, 10 meters wide and 7 meters high with a mezzanine floor at 50 percent of its surface . The space thus has an area of almost 450 sqm.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

The original program, a currency exchange house integrated with a travel agency, could be perfectly solved on a portion of this surface.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Far from being perceived as a difficulty in carrying out the proposal, the creative dialogue between the design team and the client turned this condition into a series of opportunities.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

In addition to the generosity of the spaces for the specific administrative activities and the places of attention, three spaces of attention to the public reserved for special events were generated: commercial meetings, trainings and the celebration of commercial operations with total discretion and security.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

The layout of the program has a certain urban logic, associating connecting spaces to streets and functional spaces specific to buildings within the great void that makes up the premises. This condition is strengthened by the variety of treatments of the different surfaces that seek to maintain the tension between unity and visual diversity.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba Ditur HQ in Cordoba

The allocation of 50% of the building volume for a space especially dedicated to contemporary art completes the innovative character of the proposal. Odda worked on this idea making viable the coexistence between dissimilar activities. In this sense, the appropriate lighting resources were arranged to favor the exhibition conditions of the works.

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

DITUR HQ, Córdoba – Building Information

Project Name: Interiorismo DITUR Offices – Foreign Exchange and Tourism
Name Office of Architecture: odda – office of design and art
Office Website: instagram: @ odda3
Architects authors of the work: Adrián Manavella, Sofía Caimi, Valentina Faas
Location (street, commune, city, country): Av Colón 5000, Córdoba, Argentina
Year construction term: 2019
Built area: 450 sqm

Other Participants:
Construction: Castellanos, Roca, Sironi Construcciones
Metallic works: Metálica Construcciones y Montajes SA
Furniture and Carpentry: Gama S.A.
Graphics and vinyls: Jade Gigantografías
Signage: Columbus Signs
Air Conditioning: Isaias Goldman
Software, hardware and networks: Ing. Henrique Rezende & Asociados
Alarms: Lynx Alarms
Special metal constructions: Industry Cen
Facade graphics: Eleven Studio Design

Brands / Products
Andre Kevin Equipments
Tangent Lighting

Ditur HQ in Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

DITUR HQ in Cordoba images / information received 230419

Location: Av Colón 5000, Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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