Casa MC2 in Córdoba, Argentina House

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Casa MC2 in Córdoba: New House

Contemporary Architecture Development in Argentina – design by Gastón Castellano, architect

31 Jan 2019

House MC2

Architecture: Gastón Castellano

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

House MC2

The house MC2 is located in the south of the city of Córdoba, within a residential neighborhood close to the racecourse. Its past, linked to the equestrian activity, is still a feature of the area.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

A plot with west – east orientation plus a large carob tree ( native tree ) in its interior were the starting points for this house, where the tree was from scratch , the element that conditioned the project. All actions and interventions were based on its preservation and conservation. The main challenge, as regards the carob tree, was to develop an extensive and complex program so as not to jeopardize its integrity.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

To achieve the above, the building line was moved just behind the tree. The house was resolved into two large superimposed volumes. A first volume at the ground level, containing the public area parallel to the street. The service area perpendicular to it on the dividing right wall. The second volume, exclusive of the private area, was located on the top floor of all the services. Likewise, the transparency and openness of the public area was conscienciously worked on, to enhance the spatial depth of the terrain both from the front and from the backyard. The green of its gardens was visually connected through the living room, the dining room and the gallery, thus allowing the incorporation of the carob tree in the daily experience of these environments.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

To the general project a space designed especially for entertainment activities and wine storage, was added. It was fully developed at basement level with access f from the core of vertical circulations.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Safety measures were a key issue since the house is situated in an open neighborhood. Thus, aesthetics and formal resolutions were essential. The railing system both fixed and mobile ended up not only serving its deterrent purpose but also, as a unique feature of this house.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

For its construction, the combination of a system of anti – seismic structure was used together with supporting masonry settlements on wells of medium depth.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Finally, the choice of materials was based on both the least possible maintenance in the future as well as to optimize the completions in time during the construction stage.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

House MC2, Córdoba – Building Information

Name Office of Architecture: Gastón Castellano
Architects authors of the work: Gastón Castellano
Location: Macaón 4220, Jardines del Jockey, Córdoba, Argentina
Year construction term: 2018
Constructed area: 320 sqm

Other Participants:
Construction: Carlos and Juan Baldaccini + Carlos Nievas.
Structural Design: MLM (Mattiuz / Lozano / Mattiuz).
Electricity: Diego Rosales.

Casa MC2 in Cordoba

Photographer: Gonzalo Viramonte

Casa MC2 in Córdoba images / information received 310119

Location: Córdoba, Argentina, South America

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