Benefits of Timber Ceilings

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Benefits of Timber Ceilings

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2 Sep 2019

Timber has been used in construction for many years and has been used to build almost every structure you can think of. Timber ceiling and timber feature walls have grown in popularity over the years as they have many benefits, including adding warmth to a room and adding character to any space.

The team at Austratus have created an infographic which highlights some of the benefits of having timber ceilings.

Benefits of Timber Ceilings

Austratus is part of the Modinex Group, which includes Cedar Sales and Urbanline. The Modinex Group were recently featured on TV as Suppliers to House Rules on Channel 7 Australia.

Timber Ceiling advantages
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Location: Australia

Australian Architecture

Australian Houses
Glasshouse in Noosa
photography: Paul Smith Images

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Australian Architecture

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Contemporary Home in QLD

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Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland
Design: Bark Design Architects
Glass House Mountains
photograph : Christopher Frederick Jones
Sunshine Coast House, Queensland

Quarry House, Brighton, Victoria
Design: Finnis Architects
New House in Brighton
photo : Tom Roe
New House in Brighton

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Daytrip Cabin, Hammerfest, Finnmark, North Norway
Architects: SPINN Arkitekter (Norway) and Format Engineers (UK)
Daytrip Cabin in Hammerfest
image : SPINN Architects
New Hammerfest Building

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