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Buenos Aires Apartment Block

Residential Development in Argentina design by Jacoby Treibel Arquitectos, South America

5 Mar 2010

Buenos Aires Apartments

Design: Jacoby Treibel Arquitectos

Residential Building in Argentina

The project was conceived and developed by a group of young friends (Architects included), who were looking for their own apartment. Carried out during the Argentine financial crisis of 2001/2002, this development was conditioned the particular circumstances and required careful management to ensure it could be delivered.

Buenos Aires Apartment Block Buenos Aires Apartments Buenos Aires Residential Development

Located in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Colegiales in Buenos Aires, in a typical narrow and long site measuring 8.66 x 32.00m., the 6 apartments are organised in two 3-storey blocks over a free ground floor.

A spacious central courtyard planted with 2 large poplar trees and ivy articulates the 2 blocks, providing light and natural ventilation to the apartments. All units are accessed through open walkways linking the 2 blocks, with the steel stairs spanning as a sculptural element between them.

Buenos Aires Apartment Block Buenos Aires Residential Development Buenos Aires Apartments Buenos Aires Housing

All apartments have a double aspect (E/W), taking advantage of cross ventilation and sunlight penetration at different times of the day. Designed to maximise the permitted occupancy, the apartments still allow for some flexibility in their fit out. In fact, all apartments are laid out differently, according to the particular needs of the occupants. Large timber decked balconies provide a sheltered, fresh expansion to the apartments. The top apartments have access to their own terrace space, linked by external spiral stairs.

The ground floor was designed as open, continuous space. Main entrance, car entrance and parking, courtyard conform a single space, only delimitated by a white terrazzo tiled floor and a row of fairfaced concrete columns. The low ceiling emphasizes the horizontality of this space, dramatically interrupted by the light filled courtyard.

Our ultimate goal was to create an economic, liveable, sustainable building with a community ethos. We consider that the scale and the provision of open, light filled spaces is definitely a step in that direction.

The building’s architecture defined by its components (fairfaced concrete structure, large anodised aluminium glazed screens, exposed steelwork and the mosaic clad infill panels), expressing an abstract, geometric and universal language.

Buenos Aires Apartment Block Buenos Aires Apartments Buenos Aires Residential Development Buenos Aires Housing

Buenos Aires Apartment Block – Building Information

Project: Apartment Block in Buenos Aires
Address: Teodoro García 3263, Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Architect: Roldan Jacoby, Hernan Treibel

Photos: Luis Abregú

Site Area: 275 sqm
Total built area: 700 sqm

Project: 2001
Construction: 2002-03

Buenos Aires Apartment Block images / information from Jacoby Treibel Arquitectos

Location: Teodoro García 3263, Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

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