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FYF House Rosario, Argentina

Contemporary Argentine House, South America design by P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S architects

3 May 2014 – new larger photos of this building added to this page

FYF Residence, Rosario

Design: P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S

New House in Rosario

FYF Residence

The FYF Residence is a 2,000 sqft single-family house located in the outskirts of Rosario, Argentina.

FYF Residence

The project can be described as a spatial and physical attempt to challenge the planar stability and homogeneity of the Pampa’s landscape in a domestic setting.

FYF Residence

The house is conceived as a monolithic solid, a monochrome form only punctuated by subtle inflections that help establish and mediate complex physical relationships among the different spaces of the residence, while maintaining a sense of identity and privacy between them.

FYF Residence

Specifically, a supple cast in site reinforced concrete shell constitutes the body of the house. Problematic transitions are registered into the shell through local folds and bends. Punctuations in those transitions produce cut holes where fenestration is located, allowing for conditions of luminosity, ventilation, and view. Moreover, through their shape and disposition, they experientially accentuate or play down the effectsofthe mass.

FYF Residence

The residence is organized from a basic disposition of public and private spaces connected by a central corridor and articulatedby a small patio. The internal atmosphere offers a contrasting effect between calmness and fluidity.

FYF Residence Rosario FYF Residence Rosario FYF Residence Rosario FYF Residence Rosario

Situated in close proximity to public spaces, a pliant pool produces a cascading physical continuum with the body of the house. By torquingthe volume and merging it with the ground, the pool complicates the spatial stability of the house and activates a sequence of oblique views towards it and beyond the outer landscape.

FYF Residence Rosario FYF Residence Rosario FYF Residence Rosario

PATTERNS first exhibited the FYF Residence design at La Biennale Di Venezia, 2004. This contemporary Argentine house was completed in 2009.

FYF Residence images / information from P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S, 22 Oct 2009

Rosario House design : PATTERNS

Location: Rosario, Argentina, South America

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