Grace Belgravia

Grace Belgravia, London Private Members Club

Design: Studio RHE. This is London’s first ever women’s only private members’ club. It is for health-conscious women who want the very best in therapeutic and medical treatments. Members can have workout sessions with celebrity personal trainer, Matt Roberts, or be treated by the Queen’s doctor, Dr Tim Evans.

Roxy / Josefine, Belo Horizonte Nightclub, Brazil

Roxy / Josefine Belo Horizonte, Brazil Nightclub, Brazilian Interior Design, Image Roxy / Josefine, Brazil : Belo Horizonte Nightclub Belo Horizonte interior, Brasil Architecture – design by Fred Mafra, architect 19 Jul 2011 Roxy / Josefine Design: Fred Mafra, architect Location: Belo Horizonte, Brasil Date built: 2011 Josefine / Roxy The club JOSEFINE / ROXY…