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Dragonfly Club in Jakarta

30 May 2022

Design: Bitte Design Studio

Location: Graha BIP, South Jakarta, island of Java, Indonesia

Dragonfly Club Jakarta Indonesia

Photos: Liandro Siringoringo

Dragonfly Club, Indonesia

Conceived in 2004 by the highly successful lifestyle group Ismaya, Dragonfly has been dominating Jakarta’s club scene since it was first established. Prominent DJs such as David Guetta, The Chainsmokers and Disclosure have performed in this venue, further cementing Dragonfly’s status as a trendsetter in music and live entertainment in the country. Not to mention, its annual Halloween party that had made the city’s cosmopolites go all out to compete for the ‘best costume’ title.

Dragonfly Club Jakarta

Even though its popularity as a nightlife destination had skyrocketed, Dragonfly then was a humble bar-cum-lounge donned with classic furnishings. In 2015, Bitte Design Studio was entrusted with the task to transform the space into a full-fledged nocturnal revelry. “Dragonfly is like Ismaya’s baby. It’s one of the group’s first ventures along with its sister club Blowfish. We renovated Blowfish before and we were very excited that we could take the collaboration further,” said Agatha Carolina about the sentimental background of the project.

Dragonfly Club Jakarta Indonesia

Knowing that aesthetics lie at the heart of the nightclub experience, Agatha and her design partner, Chrisye Octaviani, experimented with futuristic and multi-sensory elements to conjure euphoric vibes. This ebullient approach to design can be seen from the moment visitors take their first steps into the establishment. A tunnel of optical illusion—featuring rows of golden-framed gates and a wall of mirrors—welcomes everyone who walks in. Reflections of lights from the dance floor below illuminate the walkway, pumping the excitement for the incoming partygoers waiting in line. This dramatic entrance then reveals an immersive space where people let loose between the rhythm of music, play of light and nature imagery.

Dragonfly Club Jakarta Indonesia

The physical skeleton of the interior is fairly simple—a long rectangular hall spanning 475 square meters, painted in muted dark gray. The lighting, meanwhile, is anything but. In fact, it plays a crucial part in the overall design as a way of shaping sensible interaction between sound and visual. Teaming up with LEDSCONTROL, a renowned lighting consultant based in Barcelona, Spain, Bitte designed a kinetic light installation comprising 200 LED orbs dangling from the ceiling.

At first, they appear motionless like rows of lanterns hanging across the night sky. But once the music starts, the lights change their colors systematically and undulate through space in tune with the beat, creating astounding waves of motions mid-air. The light show is made possible thanks to an intricate system that meticulously choreographs the lights. “Took a village to install them,” said Agatha, recalling the countless production meetings and the complex coordination on the set in order to ensure everything was in the right place.

Dragonfly Club Jakarta

Other light fixtures that equally merit our attention are the curved LED panels mounted on both sides of the hall. These LED panels or the ‘lightboxes’ are wrapped in metal screens, each laser-cut with patterns of leaf skeletons. The lightboxes are then stacked on top of another, resembling giant waves engulfing the space. Simultaneously, the colorful lights both from the suspended orbs and the surrounding walls present a riveting performance that would entrance just about anyone with its coordinating light play and music beats.

Graha BIP, South Jakarta nightclub

To balance out these striking visuals, Bitte filled the space with monochromatic furnishings centered around an island bar. On the left and right sides of the bar are lines of sofas and tables set in plush golden hues. The seating is arranged on a slope similar to a movie theater to allow clear views of the stage even when one is sitting at the back of the hall. Surrounding the bar, round green marble-covered tables and stools with brass accents serve as elegant stopovers for patrons who need to catch a break from dancing.

Thanks to its spatial layout, every corner of Dragonfly is filled with the opportunity to see and be seen, encouraging people to dress up more than casually. This certainly rings true if you’re sitting in the VIP section. Perched on a podium behind the DJ booth, this exclusive area lends a more heightened experience where it affords one a comfortable vantage point to take in all the details and activities that are happening in the club.

Graha BIP, South Jakarta interior design

The sophisticated design of the interior in combination with state-of-the-art lighting effects has surely paved the way for the club’s popularity among Jakarta’s revelers, as proven by the many awards the club has garnered. Dragonfly was voted as the Global Winner for the Best Venue and Best Nightlife Venue from MONDO-DR Awards in 2017, as well as being voted Top 100 Clubs in the world in 2016 and 2017 by DJ Mag. Despite these achievements, the establishment doesn’t rest on its laurels yet, as it’s continuously fulfilling its role as the mecca for nightlife and escapism in the country—a venue of class with global stature that no local club has ever reached before.

Dragonfly Club Jakarta

Dragonfly Club in Jakarta, Indonesia – Building Information

Architectural Interior: Bitte Design Studio – https://bitte-design.com/

Year of completion: 2015
Location: Graha BIP, South Jakarta
Interior Designers: Agatha Carolina and Chrisye Octaviani

Project size: 600 sqm
Building levels: 1

Dragonfly Club Jakarta Indonesia

Photography: Liandro Siringoringo

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Location: Jakarta, Indonesia, south east Asia

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