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Molly Club in Wuhan Interior

Nightclub Restaurant Interior Project in China design by J.H Architecture

10 Oct 2019

Molly Club Restaurant Interior

Architects: J.H Architecture

Location: Wuhan, People’s Republic of China

Molly Club Wuhan

In today’s China, the night economy is driving increasing demand for creative social spaces for young customers. Molly Club, combining entertainment and basic restaurant service, is one example of this trend, providing a relaxing place for young people after a long, stressful day at work.

Molly Club Wuhan

The Club is located in Chuhe Han Street in the Wuhan Central Cultural District, which has a total length of 1.5 kilometres. In the daytime, the street is known for its many branded fashion stores and some of the world’s top cultural projects. At night, the street is transformed with bright lights and catchy music.

Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club has a restaurant on one side and a print shop on the other. Instead of a big, bold sign with a bright light box, the Club is discreetly marked, with only a small logo made of flickering lights beside the door. The extended entrance builds a connection between the space and customers, while large circular windows in the folding door maximize music and light overflow from the Club.

Molly Club Wuhan

The designer included some intentional visual disorder in the barroom. Soft lines are applied to the building’s structure, and the top curve mimics the vaulted ceilings of large religious buildings, but just above head level. Modern lights in basic geometric configurations contrast with the wild look of natural plants. Through these strong visual contrasts, the interior is designed to encourage customers to forget the stress of work, enjoy the music and immerse themselves in a relaxing space.

Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club Wuhan

The club also features some interesting scenes. For example, the narrow staircase is built to resemble a precipitous canyon, where customers passing each other shoulder-to-shoulder have an unforgettable exploratory experience. A light ball hanging at the top of the stairs makes walking up and down feel like a valley stroll at sunset.

Molly Club Wuhan

To meet a variety of customer requirements, the VIP area is located on a mezzanine, where customers enjoy a commanding view of the club. There are also upstairs private rooms with their own DJ system. In the afternoon, these rooms are used as a catering area with warm yellow lights; in the evening, they become a cozy and exclusive bar area bathed in red light.

Molly Club Wuhan Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club, Wuhan – Building Information

Design Firm:J.H Architecture
Materials: concrete, stainless steel, Changhong Glass, Terrazzo, mirror, wallpaper
Project Site: No.6, Building 4, Wanda Universal International Center, Han Street, Wuhan
Surface area: 300 sqm
Project type: Bar interior design
Construction: Lao Zhao

Design: Jianhe Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Lead designer: Yang Rui
Stage design: keefer
Completion: March, 2019

Molly Club Wuhan

Molly Club Wuhan

Photography: Chen Ming

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