BAKÚ Boutique, Buenos Aires, Argentina

BAKÚ Boutique

Designed by architects BROA + CONCRETIO, the BAKÚ Boutique project is distributed over 6 stories in between party walls with an open space ground floor, allowing continuity between the outside street and the interior through a wide entrance that leads to 7 parking spaces and a commercial store in Buenos Aires, Argentina

360 Degrees Building, Amsterdam, Holland

360 Degrees Building Amsterdam Holland

The residents of the Studioninedots designed 360 Degrees’ 110 living units have access to the water from the collectively accessible jetty, which will be enhanced in the future with new walkways over the Tolhuiskanaal in Amsterdam, Holland. On street side, the ground floor provides space for new retail and hospitality for the neighbourhood as it develops

Foshan Poly Moonlight Bay, China

Foshan Poly Moonlight Bay

In his latest artwork of Foshan Poly Moonlight Bay, Evans Lee well demonstrated the concept of “comprehensive space, natural interaction”, which strengthened the interactive connection among humanities, emotions, and space, and largely highlighted the emotional concentration in the tangible spatial structure.