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Electra Electronic industry Centre, Iași county, Romania

5 Apr 2021


Location: Miroslava, Iași county, Romania

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Photos © Katerina Nedelcu

Electra Electronic industry Centre

The Electronic Industry Centre in Iași brings together 11,000 square meters of production, office, technical and representation spaces, in a compact set of three industrial halls. They are linked together by a central body, which houses the common functions.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

At the center of this core sits a connecting “void”. The atrium is a gesture of generosity, a wide and bright place that puts spatial and human relationships first.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

The production spaces are organized horizontally, and the administrative ones, on the first floor.
Vertically, the three volumes adapt their shape to the inner and outer context. The sloping roofs address both the functional requirements of the buildings and the environmental conditions.Their shape solves the technical problems of rainwater capture, with the lowest costs of execution and exploitation, and implicitly optimizes the interior volume. At the same time, they are an expression of the communication between production and administration.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Inside the halls, administration, design, production, and delivery are experienced as interconnected processes. All departments are visually connected to support collaboration and the idea of belonging.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Three patios, separate the volumes and individualize the three halls. They offer a direct view to the outside for many of the workspaces and provide visual connections between the halls themselves. Thus, a dynamic that facilitates interactions throughout the group is created.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Through an in-depth thinking of the flows, installations, proportions, and connections between spaces, carefully tailored to the specificity of each company in the group, A+noima produced flexible spaces, suitable for any future change of use.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

The Electronic Industry Centre is a factory that can be defined by three core attributes:
Humanity – the carefully crafted scale of the spaces and abundant visual communication give openness, improve dialogue, trust, and a feeling of belonging.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Light – the factory benefits from a lot of natural light, and this is not only essential for the wellbeing of the people, but it also makes costs more efficient.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Rhythm and symmetry – almost like a well-rehearsed set design, this regularity and proportionality indicate the robust way in which people work, think, and dream in the factory.

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Electra Electronic industry Centre in Iași county, Romania – Building Information

Client: ELECTRA Group
Site area: 22.000 sqm
Gross Floor: area: 11.000sqm
Location: Miroslava, Iași county, Romania
Status: Built – 2020
Project start date: 2017
Cost: 5 500 000 Euro


︎Architecture ︎ APLUSNOIMA – Alexandra Berdan, Ancuța Costandache, Ștefania Borș, Daniel Poleac, Alina Andriescu, Daniel Miroțoi, Alecsandra Micu, Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu
︎Structure ︎ PLAN 31 . ing. Alexandru Steopoaie, ing. Bela Mocsary
︎HVAC ︎ CLIMATHERM – ing. Constantin Iacomi
︎Vertical systematization ︎ ing. Adina Ungureanu
Quality assurance, Site management QUALITRIX – ing. Mihai Ungureanu, ing. Paul Sima
︎Lighting consultancy ︎ SMART Lighting Engineering . Nicu Harpa

Electra Electronic industry Centre

︎ General contractor – ︎ STEF INVEST
︎ Prefab concrete structure ︎ – BUILDCORP Prefabricate
︎ Metal structures ︎- PRIMA CONSTRUCT
︎ Excavation ︎ – MITHRAS
︎ Electrical installations ︎- GENERAL TEHNIC IAȘI
︎ Sanitary installations -︎ CASA DESIGN IAȘI
︎Finishes and partitions – ︎ ARMUR DESIGN

Electra Electronic industry Centre

︎Envelope – thermal insulation panels ︎ KINGSPAN
︎Prefabricated concrete structure ︎ BUILDCORP Prefabricate
︎Floor finishes ︎ SIKA
︎Industrial doors ︎ HISTRIA
︎Windows ︎ ALCON PLUS
︎Lighting ︎ SMART Lighting Engineering
Partitions YTONG, RIGIPS

Electra Electronic industry Centre

Photography © Katerina Nedelcu

Electra Electronic industry Centre, Iași county images/information received 050421 from APLUSNOIMA

Location: Iași county, Romania, southeast Europe

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