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MORA35 a Sophisticated Home in Bucharest

22 Feb 2022

Architects: sculpta

Location: Bucharest, Romania

MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest
Photos: Vlad Pătru – photography

Soulless Post-War Apartment becomes a Sophisticated Home

There’s no denying that older buildings have more character and beauty than modern ones and this new renovation by Cristina & Anton Giuroiu of sculpta is here to showcase just that.

MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest

While pre-war apartments feature large doorways, natural wood flooring, and heavy wooden doors, they lack new and practical amenities that most modern apartments have. And that’s what sets them apart from post-war flats.

MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest

Besides design and architecture, post-war apartments are built of bricks and feature parquet floors. Of course, they have many contemporary facilities and are easier to renovate than pre-war apartments.

So, if you’ve purchased a new apartment in a post-war building, then this article has got some fantastic ideas to transform it into a modern space. Let’s dive in, then!

MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest

Restoring A Post-War Home
Though situated in a large neighborhood, a post-war apartment is small, having four to six rooms. The architects discovered one such space in the aristocratic areas of the mid-twentieth century.

Even though the space was covered in a blanket of dust and the walls had yellowed, the apartment retained the aura of antiquity. Transforming the old and dusty space into a modern home while preserving the aesthetics of ancient times was no doubt challenging.

A Modern Chic Makeover – Revamping The Interiors Of The Space
So, how did the architects transform the soulless 52-square meters apartment into a welcoming home? They took the challenge head-on and started by decluttering materials, textures, and colors from the space. At the same time, lots of architectural details like white walls, brass, and textures of wood were added to define the space.

To create a calm and cozy space, white doors and walls were paired with a wooden floor, further adding personality and ensuring continuity in design. At the same time, the silhouette of the furniture is highlighted by the brass frieze, and the passages are accentuated by the antique parquet boards.

Even though the space might appear simple, it doesn’t feel stark or empty because of the discreet details. At first sight, the meeting point of the wall and floor creates the impression that the brass plinth is bearing the weight of the wall.

At the same time, the horizontal plane below swings freely, apparently defying the limitations of the space. Adding to that is the light that strikes the brass plinth, further multiplying the negative effect.

Besides making the space more open, tall and slim doors have been incorporated into the interiors that use small brass bands instead of traditional sills. As for the windows, a perimetral sill surrounds them, serving as frames, whereas a metallic door enhances the relationship between the bedroom and the living room.

Though compact, the illusion of depth and spatiality is created by pairing brass sculpts with the white color scheme.

MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest MORA35 a Sophisticated Home Bucharest

Integrating Smart Home Solutions For A Modern Space
While preserving the aesthetics of the previous year, the decor of the space is revived by home automation technology to elevate the experience of the homeowners. From lights to the cooling system, everything can be controlled with just a click.

Adding Charm With Furniture
Interestingly, the architects have used solid oak wood furniture to add a luxurious touch to the space that complements its timeless character perfectly. Meanwhile, round motifs and sculptural lights brighten up the space while balancing the elements.

Speaking of the bedroom, a tall luminaire hangs above the left bedside table, while another stands tall on the right side of the bed, oozing elegance in the space.

Final Words
This brings us to the conclusion of the home tour of a post-war apartment revamped into a modern space.
From the backdrop to the furniture, each element has been carefully selected to harmonize with each other. In short, it was a tale of triumph for the architects who remodeled the space while keeping intact its antique character.

Photographer: Vlad Pătru – photography

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Location: Bucharest, Romania

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