House selling tips for dummies guide

House selling tips for dummies, Home sale guide, Online property vendor advice

House selling tips for dummies

15 May 2021

If you are looking to Sell Your Home, then there are several considerations for you to keep in mind. When you are looking to sell, there are two main drawbacks. The first is the inability to make a quick sale, and the second is the unavailability of buyers at your price point. However, there are several ways to ensure that you can sell your property fast and for a profit without any hassles.

House selling tips for dummies guide

Here are the tips you have been searching for – let’s take a look.

House selling tips for dummies – How to get it done?

Prepare the property

When it comes to selling a property, you need to make the first impression. To sell your house fast, you need to make your property attractive to the buyers. It is vital to understand that the current market has many sellers but very few buyers. That is why it is critical to make your property stand out among the crowd. The fundamental trick is to differentiate your property from all the other ones in the market.

Always make sure to “prepare your home” by going for minor repairs and renovation. Value addition makes any property attractive and highly marketable. If you are looking to push up the property’s value, then undertake the repairs and remodeling before putting your property up for sale.

The asking price

The most significant problem area for every seller is about deciding the price. The price needs to be a careful consideration, and you should research into it as per the location to affix a quote to your property. If you are unaware of the market condition and end up quoting an extremely high price, you will surely scare away genuine buyers.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the issue with undervaluing a property, which makes buyers feel wrong about the house, either structurally or aesthetically. Again, the fundamental trick is to understand the local market and compare the listing prices of similar properties in the area. For more information about property valuation, log in to

Clear your dues

You need to take care of other vital considerations to clear your property for sale. It means you need to clear the dues that will include utility bills, maintenance costs, property tax, and other paid taxes. Always make sure to ask about the transfer charges and processes before handing over the keys.

Documents are vital

If it is a resale after you purchased the home in the first place, you will need to keep the original sales deeds and papers before making the sale. This is the same for all the documents, including the allotment letter, sale agreement, possession letter, and title deed, if any. If the building is within a gated community, then you will also need a no-objection certificate. If you had borrowed money to buy the property, you need to provide loan clearance certificates before making the sale.

Take intermediary help

Making a property sale isn’t easy. This is a buyer’s market, and therefore you need to reach out to as many buyers as possible. If you are looking to do it by yourself, then keep in mind that all you can do is advertise with the traditional “word of mouth.” That is why you need to look at professional help to provide the advertisement to the property and generate customer interest in the local market.

Identification of the right real estate agent or a house selling service is critical in the early days of the selling plan to make sure that the process is quicker. A professional agent will have contacts, a better idea about the price and the market. A house selling/buying service will also help you stage the interior better, snap professional photos to list on real estate sites to increase the interest in your property.

Property listing for the best success

You can leverage several online portals and social media platforms to list your property along with multiple pictures and all the features. You can include all the essential details, including the type of property, the detailed information, address, selling price, or the tentative rent if you are looking to rent out space. Providing details about the property is the best way to ensure that the customers can paint a clear picture while browsing the listing sites.

Always post on multiple sites to make sure of maximum reach. Additionally, once you have posted the property, refresh every alternate day to keep it among the first few highlighted options. Finally, when you receive a message or a query about your property, make sure to promptly reply and within the hour to convert leads into sales.

Yes, we understand that selling a property can be tricky, but you can always aid the process but using all of the tips mentioned above.

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