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La Casa of Paul & Sigi in Montréal

Simple Apartment Interior in Canada – design by MXMA

23 Nov 2016

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

Design: MXMA

Location: Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal, QC, Canada

La Casa of Paul & Sigi

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

Located in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, facing Lafontaine Park, this turn-of-the-20th-century duplex recently underwent a major interior transformation. The project, realized by MXMA Architecture and Design, was inspired by the park’s abundant foliage.

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

As we enter the home, at the second floor level, we discover a vast wooded area that gradually unfolds as you look into to the inner reaches of the space, resembling the character of a branch. Composed of solid planks of white oak, this branch is arched and deformed, redefining the sense of being at home in the city. Wood surfaces extend continuously into the space, metamorphosing into floors, walls, ceilings, handrails and even built-in furniture.

La Casa of Paul and Sigi La Casa of Paul and Sigi

The organization of the living spaces revolves around the architectural form of the ceiling. Continuity of wooden surfaces becomes the organizing principle of the home’s more public areas, such as the entrance, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. It creates an experience of movement that leads to the third floor, where the more private areas, including three children’s bedrooms and the master suite, are located.

La Casa of Paul and Sigi La Casa of Paul and Sigi

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

The natural, vibrant ambiance of the Casa is enhanced by the irregular surfaces of the ceilings. Their angular volumes adjust to the conceal the new structure, which includes an imposing steel beam (33 feet long) that supports the third floor. They also cover all the ventilation ducts. Finally, the ceiling melts comfortably into the structure of the existing staircase and then unfolds to become a railing on the third floor, like a flower opening up towards the sunlight, which enters the space through a large skylight.

The woodwork gives the home a homogeneous, natural and lively feeling. Technically, it demonstrates how wood can be used to provide flexible and complex solutions with a high-quality finish. Surfaces, materials and light resonate together to create a living space that emanates warmth and is inspired by its context.

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

La Casa of Paul & Sigi in Montréal – Building Information

Place: Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal, Canada
Area: 3150 pc
Project Manager: Maxime Moreau, architect
Team: Nicolas Labrie, Laurie Bélanger, Francis Raymond
Collaborators:  Catlin Stothers, Susan Bronson
Contractor: NewsamConstruction
End date of the project: 2016

La Casa of Paul and Sigi

MXMA Architecture & Design
MXMA Architecture and Design, based in Montréal, Canada, is made up of architects and interior designers who are passionate about design and driven by the realm of possibilities. The agency attaches great value to the realization of  individual architectural projects since each project contours our quality of life and our identity. However, the unique and sensitive approach of the creators takes them far beyond everyday function and homogeneous status quo. MXMA’s goal is to create experiences and places with meaning that inspire people.

MXMA’s practice brings people together. It allows for team efforts and shared intuitions to generate innovative solutions. Regardless of its scale, each project is given the attention it deserves through careful reflection and the generation of unique ideas in an atmosphere that peaks curiosity and arouses emotions. The creative process of MXMA and its spirit of connections bring individuals to discover living spaces that they never imagined possible. By shaping these new realities, MXMA creates personalized experiences for each person or group for whom it is designed. At the same time, the agency assures the functional and aesthetic quality of the buildings on which it work.

MXMA realizes contemporary architectural works and exciting spaces that transform our social environment. The firm arranges the components of projects to create sensitive buildings that respond to their contexts but that stand apart through their iconic form. Such places stimulate our senses and create lasting memories.

La Casa of Paul and Sigi La Casa of Paul and Sigi

Photography: Adrien Williams

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Location: Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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