Maayan Centre, Tel Aviv Urban Real Estate Project, Modern Property, Israeli Architecture Project

Maayan Centre in Tel Aviv

21 Aug 2023

Architects: Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Maayan Centre Tel Aviv Property

Photos: Roni Cnaani

Maayan Centre, Israel

The Maayan Centre: A New Therapeutic Center for Individuals and Their Families by Sarit Shani Hay. Located in the center of Tel Aviv, finding a way to isolate itself from the bustling city, Maayan Center has been recently launched by a visionary educator, spanning over 200 sqm.

Maayan Centre Israel Property

The center provides a therapeutic environment for children and their families, emphasizing a holistic approach. It offers a wide range of treatments and services by a staff of various specialists tailored to the specific needs of children by focusing on emotional, social, communicative, and motor development.

Maayan Centre Israel Property

The Studio was commissioned to renovate an old office space by designing a welcoming waiting room as well as a therapeutic space. The mission was to enhance the shared experience of all family members, mainly focusing on nurturing the children’s emotional well-being. The carefully designed spaces are meant to welcome a soothing and relaxing experience for both the patients and the therapists.

Maayan Centre Israel Property

The brief was to create a multi-purpose space with an approach to minimalist language, using light wood and moderate pastel colors, in order to create a pleasant and calm atmosphere to ensure feeling safe, comfortable, and in a supportive environment.

Maayan Centre Israel Property

The reception area includes separate waiting areas for both adults and children, each with appropriate seating and an engaging approach. It was definite that planning such a space requires careful attention to detail and creating an atmosphere that feels extensive yet cozy.

Maayan Centre Israel Property

The main therapeutic room is a versatile, child-friendly space with different stations accommodating various therapeutic approaches. It includes imaginative and cognitive areas, seating areas with storage, an activity board wall, and a climbing wall. The therapy room’s design facilitates the staff’s playful observation of children’s behavior.

Maayan Centre Tel Aviv Property

Maayan Center serves as a venue for heartfelt conversations, emotional exploration, and playtime, welcoming all to enjoy its facilities.

Maayan Centre Tel Aviv Property

Project size 200 m2
Completion date 2022

Maayan Centre Tel Aviv Property

Maayan Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel – Building Information

Architecture and Interior design: Sarit Shani Hay Design Studio –

Maayan Centre Tel Aviv Property

Photographer of the project: Roni Cnaani

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Location: Tel Aviv, Israel, the Middle East

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