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Gan Yavne Villa in Israel

10 June 2022

Design: Kloom Studio

Location: Gan Yavne, central Israel – this town is located adjacent to the city of Ashdod

Gan Yavne house facade

Photos by Diego Rossman

Gan Yavne Villa – New Israeli Residence

Nir Levie is an architect and an artist – he is the co-founder of Kloom Studio architecture firm. Recently this architecture studio completed a modern villa project in Israel.

The project was inspired by the shape of crystals carved from stone – the exterior layer is flat and planar, and the crystal inside is angular and amorphous. The main façade faces west and is covered by a double layer to improve isolation and resembles a crystal shape carved from the main form of the building.

Gan Yavne Villa, Israel property design

The double-height main living room serves as lobby space for the bedrooms on the second floor. The main staircase connects the building vertically and references the west façade in the design aspect.

Gan Yavne Villa, Israel property design

The residential space is designed as two boxes shifted slightly from each other to create a more dynamic floor plan.

The main façade was designed to manufacture by the studio from the design stage to production. It is constructed of approximately 100 boxes of aluminum – each different by design and shape. The boxes are perforated to improve isolation from heat.

Gan Yavne Villa, Israel property design

The façade was designed in 3D and divided to a grid of horizontal and vertical panels. Each panel was unfolded using an algorithm to create a flat layout to be sent to the manufacturer.

Gan Yavne Villa, Israel property

The panels were fabricated and shipped with a special numbering system to help the builders locate their correct shape. a special construction system was used to attach the specific panel to its right place.

Gan Yavne Villa, Israel house

Gan Yavne Villa in Israel – Building Information

Project Name: Gan Yavne Villa
Office Name: Kloom Studio

Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2):300 M2
Project Location: Gan Yavne, Israel
Program / Use / Building Function: residential

Gan Yavne residence facade

Lead Architect: Nir Levie
Lead Architects e-mail: [email protected]

Photo Credits: Diego Rossman
Photographer’s Website:
Photographer’s e-mail: [email protected]

New Israeli property by Nir Levie Architect

Nir Levie – Architect, Artist, Designer

Office Website:
Social Media Accounts: @kloomstudio
Contact email: [email protected]
Firm Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Modern Israeli property by Nir Levie Architect

Contemporary Gan Yavne Villa in Israel images / information received from Nir Levie / Kloom Studio

Location: Gan Yavne, central Israel, Middle East

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