Herzliya House, Tel Aviv, Israel Property

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Herzliya House in Tel Aviv

21 Aug 2023

Architects: Liat Eliav Design Studio

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Israel

Photos by Karin Ravena

Herzliya House, Israel

Elegance and Modernity Unveiled: Herzliya House, Israel. Nestled in the heart of Herzliya, Israel, a masterpiece of modern design graces the landscape. This three-story residence, sprawling across a generous 1100 square meters, is a testament to the harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics and functional living. Designed to accommodate a family of five, this architectural gem embodies the essence of modern living, offering a seamless blend of open spaces, natural light, and custom craftsmanship.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Property

Embracing Openness: Ground Floor Transformation

The ground floor of the house serves as the beating heart of the design, a space where form and function converge with stunning results. The central focus of this transformation is the expanded kitchen, now seamlessly integrated into an open-concept layout. The removal of walls and barriers allows for a fluid transition between the kitchen, dining area, and living space. The result is a dynamic communal area that encourages interaction and connectivity, epitomizing the essence of modern family living.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Property

Function Meets Aesthetics: Custom Carpentry and Color Palette

Custom carpentry plays a pivotal role in this residence, not only for its aesthetic value but also for its practical functionality. The design ethos revolves around maximizing storage without compromising on the visual integrity of the space.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Property Herzliya House Tel Aviv Property

A consistent color palette of natural oak and pristine white tones forms the canvas upon which the architectural narrative unfolds. This uniformity extends to the stairs, elegantly clad in the same hues, further enhancing the seamless flow between levels.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Property Herzliya House Tel Aviv Israel

The Dance of Contrast: Flooring and Cladding

In a juxtaposition that adds depth and intrigue to the design, gray-toned concrete flooring and cladding tiles were artfully chosen. These neutral yet striking materials provide the perfect canvas to amplify the home’s sharp and elegant aesthetic. The play of light and shadows against the concrete backdrop lends a tactile quality to the living spaces, inviting exploration and admiration.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Israel

Celebrating the Elements: Abundant Natural Light

A fundamental aspect of modern design is the deliberate integration of natural light. This Herzliya residence accomplishes this with finesse, strategically expanding openings throughout the structure. Large windows and glass doors flood the interior with daylight, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. As daylight filters through, it dances upon the surfaces, illuminating the carefully curated interior elements and breathing life into the space.

Herzliya House Tel Aviv Israel

Bold Contrasts: Dominant Black Profiles

In a design choice that elevates the architectural drama, black profiles frame the alman windows of the house. This bold contrast infuses an air of sophistication and boldness, serving as an arresting visual element that punctuates the modern façade

Herzliya House Israel Property Herzliya House Israel Property

Herzliya House in Tel Aviv, Israel – Building Information

Architecture and Interior design: Liat Eliav Design Studio – https://www.liateliav.com/

Project size: 1100 sqm
Site size: 250 sqm
Completion date: 2023

Herzliya House Israel Property

Photographer of the project: Karin Ravena

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Location: Tel Aviv, Israel, the Middle East

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