Saizon Restaurant, Fresno, California

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Saizon Restaurant in Fresno

20 Aug 2022

Design: Studio UNLTD

Location: Fresno, California, USA

Saizon Restaurant Fresno California

Photos by Zack Benson Photography

Saizon Restaurant, Fresno, California, USA

Los Angeles-based Studio UNLTD introduces Saizon Restaurant, a design project encompassing the interiors, facade, and patio of a 5,300 square foot restaurant with 805 square feet of outdoor space in a freestanding building that is part of a new mixed-use development in Fresno, California. In the design for Saizon, Studio UNLTD explored the tension between the opposing qualities of permanence, represented by architectural structure and fluidity, the latter symbolized by the perpetual ebb and flow of the ocean.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno USA

Heavily plastered columns and beams, reminiscent of decaying concrete pier supports, add a dramatic gridded framework to the room, while board-formed concrete wall tiles provide texture and depth. Contrasting with the steadfastness of the “concrete” structure is a delightfully diverse array of materials and shapes strategically employed to create different rhythms in the room, from the heightened energy at the bar and open kitchen, to the alluring respite of the private dining room.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno USA

To dramatic effect, collaborations with artisans bring a sense of nostalgia and patina to finishes throughout the space. Upon entry, the eye is drawn to the striking color and energetic brushwork of a mural that derives inspiration from the geometries of the space and the forces of nature at play.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno USA

On the soffit that is wrapped above the bar and pass counter, a custom-painted finish evokes the rusted metal found on the underside of an old fishing boat. Underfoot lies a stunning painted floor that emulates waves crashing on a sandy beach, flowing from the bar through the lounge and ultimately receding into the private dining room.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno USA

The private dining room is defined by two walls seemingly built of rustic onyx-colored “blocks”, replete with carved geometric patterns loosely inspired from ancient Mexican ruins. A double-sided fireplace embedded in this wall brings a warm glow to the intimate space and adjacent main dining room.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno USA

A palette that is grounded in the earthy, natural colors of warm leathers, dark-stained oak, and various shades of black is disrupted by moments of vibrant ocean blues and copper highlights. Architectural lighting that spotlights the tables is layered with accent lighting that calls attention to the columns and beams, artwork, and custom wall treatments.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno California

Custom armed pendants mounted along the spine of the double-sided banquette feature textured ceramic shades and leather strapping. Geometric shapes appear playfully throughout, taking the form of inlaid copper shapes on the tabletops and banquette profiles of the largely custom furniture.

Saizon Restaurant in Fresno, California – Building Information

Design: Studio UNLTD –
Client: Smittcamp Enterprises
Year: 2022
Location: Fresno, California, USA
Size: 5,300 square foot interior and 805 square foot exterior
Photography: Zack Benson Photography
Architect: Gary Wang Architecture (GWA)
Decorative Lighting Suppliers:
Brendan Ravenhill, Allied Maker
Paul Paige & CU29
Furniture Suppliers:
Ethimo, Pedrali, Brass & Burl, Mindo, Kathy Kuo, Pollack & Garrett Leather
Muralist: Yomar Augusto
Specialty Finishes: Carolina Lizarraga (custom concrete flooring and soffit treatment)& Studios Colibri (specialty plasterwork)

Saizon Restaurant Fresno California

Los Angeles-based STUDIO UNLTD is an award-winning hospitality design firm equally adept at the varied disciplines of interior architecture, architecture, furniture, and lighting. The firm carefully listens to its clients’ needs and wishes in order to create spaces that work for them — functional, comfortable, and beautiful. They understand that the heart of a project is generated by the client, and they view themselves as a means of transforming those ideas into successful and tangible manifestations of a concept.

The STUDIO UNLTD team loves working with passionate people; whether it be clients, trade consultants, artisans, world-class chefs, barmen, or tastemakers. Their unique collaborative approach allows for effective cross-pollination of ideas, and their strong relationships with trade professionals enable them to bring a broad range of resources to their projects from the earliest stages of ideation through to construction.

Saizon Restaurant Fresno California

Photography: Zack Benson Photography

Saizon Restaurant, Fresno, California images / information received 200822

Location: Fresno, California, USA

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