Hamburg Hybrid Housing Design Competition 2015, Ctrl+Space Architecture Contest

Hamburg Hybrid Housing Competition

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17 Dec 2015

Hamburg Hybrid Housing Design Competition

Hamburg Hybrid Housing Design Competition Winners

The Hamburg Hybrid Housing Ideas Competition departed from the premise that a mixed-use building could provide answers to the issues of densification of the urban centre with use of the residential function, deeply entwined with public presence and activities.

Here arose the reflection upon the theme of the Hybrid building, a typology whose built examples express deep relations to the city; the dynamics and flows of public; the all-day-round uses; reflection of the individual within the collective; experimentation on new dwelling models; beyond the borders of a typical residential / mixed-use building, aspects that were fostered by this German ideas competition.

Bringing the discussion of this theme to an intervention site with a rich and long backstory has effectively provided a hard challenge and a wide variety of paths to reach a final solution.

“We are here to stay” by Gabriele Filippi from Genova, Italy

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

From the Jury: “This proposal was commended by the Jury as a true embodiment of the spirit of the location of St. Pauli, a struggling, rebellious, unconventional neighborhood.

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Being clearly an architectural response to all recent history of the location and the city, the different elements that constitute the whole complex are reactive of the urban surroundings, whether in scale or configuration. The fragmented and heterogeneous approach is justified by the multitude of environments the projects wishes to generate, always confronting private life and public use. A strong emphasis is placed with providing public spaces of different characters and expressions to the use of its visitors, in the inner square, the intermediate level, terraces and rooftops.

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

The hybridity of the building comes from all the bridges established with the city fabric, either concrete or metaphorical; the building is open and accessible to the generality of public in all its public spaces. Structure takes here an important presence, the exoskeleton enforces the unfinished quality of the space, apart from introducing a strong graphical appeal. It harmonizes with the dynamics of Spielbudenplatz and features a series of transparent moments that support the physical permeability between the building and the city. Harnessing the qualities of its environment and gathering the essential ingredients of the city, this project constitutes a city within the city, permeable to the outside, providing a framework to urban activities, placemaking as a process and a underlining philosophy.”

“Little Hamburg Hybrid Housing” by Michal Sapko, from Lublin, Poland

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

From the Jury: “Exceptional project that successfully responds to the conditions of the Intervention Site, with an easiness that humbles the complexity of the assignment.

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Constituted by two opposing directions that are the materialization of the two driving forces of the project: an horizontal block that touches the ground and hosts all the public functions and a vertical set of buildings which answer to the Residential requirements. In the meeting point of this stratified program resides a strong element of the proposal, a community terrace that provides an open playground for all the semi-public activities related to the health and wellness of the residents.

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

The vertical stratification of the Program reflects the distribution of the individual units in towers that react in density and height to the surrounding urban elements. A degree of sustainability is introduced by the question of energy production, all this exterior surface is used as solar collectors in an attempt to take benefit from the location and orientation of the building. An airy project, an elegant and innovative reflection on how to increase density in the city centre.“

“GEODE” by Jeremie Parent and Maude Beaupre from Quebec, Canada

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

From the Jury: “This project was praised by the Jury as an interesting reinterpretation of the theme of the Agricultural City. The communitarian spaces revolve around the agricultural activities to fruitfully engage with the surrounding neighborhood. This project brings also into consideration the present proliferation of productive spaces in the city as well the importance of food independence as an activity related to the needs of shelter. Formally, the Geode theme allows a variation from the stern exterior face to the more diverse interior; from the outside the identification as a single building, from the interior an identification of the individual residential cells.

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

The Residential Sector floats above the public space, promoting wider views, visual permeability and a differentiated environment regarding that of Spielbudenplatz. The public space is comprised of a hard and soft arable topography which houses underneath all the Commercial facilities.

Inside the Residential modules the agricultural production theme is still present; all units have protruding greenhouses that apart from functional are able to introduce a phenomenological aspect with their shines and reflections. An interesting take on economic and ecological sustainability of food production and its integration in the architecture of the place.”

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

Hamburg Hybrid Housing

A Total of seven Honorable Mentions were selected by the Jury as representatives of some of the more prominent strategies as well as their related spatial qualities.

HM01 – “Who owns this city?” by Hasan Agah Erkan, Berk Arinc and Zümra Okursoy from Rhizome Architects – Istanbul, Turkey
HM02 – “Esso Hauser Redux” by Rasesh Doshi, from Mumbai, India
HM03 – Project by Luis O’connor Reina, Alkindi Aljawabra, Amr Al Qamary and Carlos Beghetti from Gharnata Consultant Engineers – Doha, Qatar
HM04 – “Behind the scenes” by Yuliya Puyuklidi, Valeriya Sidorenko and Iwan Schroeder from Almaty, Kazakhstan
HM05 – “Zwei Kleine Stadte” by Jung Rok Lee and Jinseok Jang from Seoul, South Korea
HM06 – “Curved Space” by Piotr Roznowski and Jakub Wreczycki from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland
HM07 – “Dens(e)topia” by Afra Omidi Noubijari, George Kartsakas, Loukia Parpi and Andrea Antoniou from Nicosia, Cyprus

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