The Dolar Shop Restaurant, Zhengzhou Building, Henan Province Interior Design, Chinese Commercial Architecture

The Dolar Shop Restaurant in Zhengzhou

8 July 2022

Architecture: S5design

Location: Zhengzhou, China

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou

Photos: Chen Ming

The Dolar Shop Restaurant, China

The Dolar Shop takes beef as the main product and provides customers with a differentiated dining experience and create a hot pot brand that young people love.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou

In The Dolar Shop, the designer reinforces the brand personality through space design and expresses the “restless” spiritual core of contemporary youth with personalized dining interior design. By creating a brand personality that is easygoing on the outside but characteristic on the inside, the brand can gain the value recognition of young consumers, thus creating a catering environment with a fun experience.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou China

The space is retranslated with futuristic materials and details in a cyberpunk context, turning complexity into simplicity, and using various bright color-coordinated lighting with deep and dark basic tone to highlight the metallic and modern atmosphere. The designer uses a refined approach to constructing large block contours. By creating some dramatic details, the functional partitions of the restaurant are spread out in a reasonable and orderly way.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou China

The concept of “flavor type” comes from the restaurant industry and originally refers to the classification of the essential characteristics of different-flavored dishes. Inspired by this concept, designer has introduced this concept into the field of space, using “spatial flavor ” to define the categories of spatial tonality.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou China

One of the walls in the store is covered with small white light boxes, expressing the contemporary youth subculture. These small light boxes use abstract symbols as a medium to express the preferences and tastes of young people, each light box is the inner “reserve” of a certain group, and the array of light boxes forms an exaggerated light screen, which is a must-see spot in the store.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou China

In the layout of the space, the designer used orange acrylic as an enclosure to build three dining areas for the plaza, a water bar and a cafe area for the post, and a small open material table for the charging station. The outpost is wrapped in metal to create a fortress-like space. The combination of quiet lighting effects best dresses the ambience, with orange acrylic panels and metal perforated panels, creating a cyberpunk futuristic feel that immerses the mind and body.

The designer carries the color of the Milky Way with metallic luster, using rough raw stone as the wall, and then re-implanting contemporary materials in the space – orange acrylic, stainless steel, and smooth light strips, using the contrast of materials to create a visual experience, highlighting the power of human beings themselves with a sense of conflicting art. Under the light, multiple spaces are continuously superimposed and infinitely extended.

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou

The materials of the whole interior space express a cold and hard feeling, which is more in line with the futuristic sense of technology and detachment. The wall tiles with imitation cement texture, the highly reflective mirror stainless steel, and the shiny white-glass light box, different materials collide and combine in the contrast, but finally harmoniously blend into one.

Henan Province Interior Design

The designer uses the personalized restaurant design to express the “restless” spirit of young people. The refined and cool metallic dining space allows young people to socialize in the future service area of “The Dolar Shop”.

Henan Province Interior Design in Zhengzhou

The Dolar Shop Restaurant in Zhengzhou, China – Building Information

Architecture: S5design –
Owner: Henan Yuange Catering
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Size: 360 sqm

Interior Design: S5design上瑞元筑设计
Design Director: Fan Riqiao
Completion Time: 2021.11

The Dolar Shop Restaurant Zhengzhou China

Photography: Chen Ming

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Location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

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