Lijia Smart Park Geek Community, Chongqing Building, Chinese PLP Architecture Images

Lijia Smart Park – Geek Community, China

31 Oct 2020

Design: PLP Architecture

Location: Chongqing, south west China

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

Geek Community Chongqing

The Geek Community Project is a dynamic new intelligent district being developed across an extensive site in Chongqing, China. Within it, the South District has been conceived to house a range of research and development spaces within a smart and collaborative environment formulated around ideas of wellbeing and encounter – between people, between nature and culture, and between the past and the present. The design is by PLP Architecture.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

Our 50,000m2 building is composed of two striking volumes that curve away from each other – without touching – to create four wings that integrate and interact with surrounding parkland. The southern form is taller, establishing a welcoming gesture to greet arrivals into the building; the northern form is dropped down to optimise views towards nearby historic ruins. Each houses research and collaboration spaces catering for a variety of experiences and activity types ranging from group meetings to individual focused investigation.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

The forms themselves are fully glazed and clad with shading fins to allow views into and out of the spaces they contain while controlling solar gain and offering options for privacy where required. They end in a series of planted vertical terraces to help increase connection with the surrounding landscape and provide protected outdoor space.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

Nestled at their heart, a circular atrium filled with light and activity serves as a hub for occupants, accommodating everything from robotic performances to product reveals. It is composed of stacked rings that connect different parts of the building and acts as a gallery and nucleus for creativity across the community. Thanks to a system of connected stairs, an internal walking loop climbing through the building from the ground to the roof has been created as an alternate way for colleagues to engage one another.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

The entire design will be enabled by smart technology, ranging from BMS controls, smart access and security systems, interactivity screens and a smart hotdesking system with digital ideation hubs. The building is designed with an environmentally sensitive timber structure and has taken design cues from biophilia. This is coupled with extensive use of natural light, natural ventilation, photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection and ecologically sensitive landscaping to help reduce environmental impact and enhance occupant wellbeing throughout the project.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

About PLP Architecture

PLP Architecture is a collective of architects, designers and researchers who value the transformative role of ideas and architecture’s ability to inspire. Based in London, the practice is led by an experienced and dedicated group of partners who have worked together for more than three decades.

Lijia Smart Park: Geek Community, Chongqing

The practice has designed and delivered a wide range of projects around the world, producing intelligent, ground-breaking and exciting designs through a profound commitment to social, economic and environmental ideals. It has created some of the greenest buildings on the planet and is now designing and building projects on three continents.

PLP Architecture Office

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Location: Chongqing City, south west China

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