Kylin Sheng Restaurant, Zhengzhou Building, Henan Province Interior Design, Chinese Commercial Architecture

Kylin Sheng Restaurant in Zhengzhou

31 Oct 2023

Architecture: Daxiang Design Studio

Location: Zhengzhou, China

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou Henan Province

Photos: 404NF STUDIO, Fang Wenchen

Kylin Sheng Restaurant, China

Daxiang Design Studio presents Kylin Sheng, a new catering strategic model undergoing evolution that has captured the “mental resources” of customers to emerge as a crucial marketing asset. Diners yearning for spiritual fulfillment have become increasingly prominent. In addressing that trend, Daxiang Design employs “Kyilin”, the auspicious animal from The Classic of Mountains and Seas to portray the ambiance of “Zhongyuan Restaurant – Cloud Sea Secret,” seamlessly integrating various culinary delights into a poetic interplay of light and shadow.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou Henan Province

Upon entering the restaurant, an amalgamation of light and shadow creates an immersive experience. Stark contrasts take center stage, beginning in the hallway. Within this dimly lit space, a colossal cloud formation captivates visual attention, while warm, gentle lighting permeates through the narrow corridor. Together, clouds and light set the tone for the entire atmosphere. Two kylin sculptures are strategically placed in the hallway to not only pay homage to etiquette culture, but also to serve as guides for visitor navigation throughout their journey.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou Henan Province

By depicting dynamic cloud characteristics, from inception to dissipation within scattered areas, the firm showcases nature’s essence. while transforming intangible elements into tangible structures that reflect their intention behind workstation design – evoking imagery of rising clouds. Additionally, garden framing techniques are employed on functional windows to further enhance aesthetics.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou

The designer incorporates the five-petaled plum blossom as a fundamental motif, generating framed landscapes, lamps, utensils, tableware, and floor coverings, along with other installations that harmonize in terms of spatial layout and furnishings. These installations materialize unforeseeable elements, thereby concluding the space poetically. while perpetuating the ambiance.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou China

The rest area exudes a warm autumn atmosphere through the utilization of dark grey natural textured stone, a wooden tea table, vermilion cloth tea stools adorned with decorative paintings depicting rosy sunrises, and an accompanying flickering fire within the stove. Furthermore, the outdoor resting platform seamlessly connects to the secondary entrance. As night descends, plum blossom motifs and arc elements outline both light sources and scenery alike, enabling individuals to embrace the cold autumn without fear by basking in the radiance emitted by stars and moonlight.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou China

Kylin Sheng Restaurant in Zhengzhou, China – Building Information

Architecture: Daxiang Design Studio

Project name: Kylin Sheng Restaurant

Area: 1550 sqm
Design team: Jiang Jianyu, Yu Huaming, Lou Ting, Liu Yongliang, Jin Jiayu, Qin Yue, Zhang Hanjie
Accessories: Daxiang lotus
Lighting design: Hgld lighting design
Design time: 2022
Completion time: 2023
Location: Zhengzhou, China

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou China

About Daxiang Design Studio
Daxiang Design Studio, established in 1999 by Chinese interior designer Jianyu Jiang, is an international company with a design philosophy inspired by Linquan①, which refers to the secluded places of refined scholars where beautiful scenery including mountains, forests, springs, and stones are found.

Daxiang Design Studio is involved in boutique restaurants, hotels, and cultural buildings in the aesthetic context of Linquan, and also the practice and research of furnishing design, etc.

Award-winning Daxiang has been recognized by professional institutions and media worldwide for its expression of space artistic conception under the background of Oriental culture, the integration of space and environment, and the advocating of balance between space aesthetics and commerce.

Kylin Sheng Restaurant Zhengzhou

Photographer: 404NF STUDIO, Fang Wenchen

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Location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

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