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Haus P-K : Punitz Building

Contemporary Austrian house – design by Pichler & Traupmann Architekten

12 Sep 2011

P-K House

Date built: 2011

Location: Punitz, Lower Austria

Design: Pichler & Traupmann Architekten

Haus P-K:

Haus P-K Haus P-K Punitz P-K House P-K House Punitz

Lower Austria Property

The P-K House is oriented north-south and located in a setting in southern Burgenland that has an agricultural character which it was wished to preserve. The approach driveway from the road comes from the north-west and is incised into the terrain. It starts with an embankment on both sides and is then flanked by a retaining wall that, as a building element, rises continuously out of the ground and reaches storey height towards the entrance.

Haus P-K Haus P-K Punitz P-K House P-K House Punitz

On the lower floor (entrance level) the volume of the building is almost completely embedded in the terrain and is revealed as a full storey only at the entrance area. Free-spanning roof slabs near the garage entrance are green roofs. A section of roof slab that is tilted slightly towards the west takes up the incline of the slope, develops a moderate differentiation of heights, and at the same time varies the ceiling height in the interior.

Haus P-K Haus P-K Punitz P-K House P-K House Punitz

The upper living level with the private living areas is set completely free. Large areas of glazing, some of them extending the full height of the room, form largely transparent spaces that are bathed in daylight.

Generously dimensioned terraces connect to the outdoor space, which in the immediate surroundings of the house is designed as a garden.

Haus P-K Haus P-K Punitz P-K House P-K House Punitz

P-K House images / information from Pichler & Traupmann Architekten

Location:Punitz, Austria

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