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A Review of the Boom Lift Truck, 24D Speed

25 November 2022

Review of the Boom Lift Truck, 24D Speed construction
The Socage boom lift truck is exceptional for many reasons, but perhaps most notably for its scalability, high level of security, simplicity of use, as well as smooth and precise functioning. The ForSte 24D SPEED boom lift truck is the perfect ally for your lifting requirements.

The boom is fluid and precise, so you can reliably adjust it with just a few clicks of the mouse or a swipe of your finger. It comes with a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the boom from being raised too high, which helps prevent accidents.

A Detailed Review of the Socage Boom Truck

Thanks to its 24D speed setting, the Boom Truck stands out from many other products on the market. It is also much better than the design before it. Some of the most notable features are listed below.

Improved Features Compared to the 20D

If the 20D predecessor was impressive to you, the 24D will be even more spectacular. The boom stands out among many other competitors with a reach of 12.70 meters and a maximum height of 23.60 meters. The maximum load of the boom truck is a whopping 230 kg. There is also an option to increase the capacity to up to 300 kg. Its operator assistance has been improved along with its security system, making it one of the safest options in the market.

Boom lift truck The ForSte 24D SPEED is the world’s first boom lift truck with a fluid and precise stabilization system. It has been designed to support the boom and its rotation speed quickly and easily while using less energy. The boom lift truck ForSte 24D SPEED has a high degree of stability, which makes it possible to perform complex tasks without any problems.


Regarding versatility, the boom lift truck 24D is the deal. The design has been modified to allow for maneuvering in tight spaces and to reduce the possibility of an air collision. The Boom Lift Truck ForSte 24D Speed allows you to lift and secure loads and move up to 25% more cargo with less labor. This versatile machine is designed to be used as a deck loader or forklift, providing the power you need to get the job done.

The Simplicity of Use and Security

A large turning radius of over 90 degrees makes it easy for users with limited mobility to maneuver the device. Also, the boom can be locked in place during operation, preventing accidental movement or damage during transport. It also has a wireless remote control that allows users to operate the machine from anywhere within a specified range of up to 30 meters away from the base unit.

Configuration Options for the Boom Lift Truck

The boom lift truck for Ste 24D SPEED comes in four different configurations:

  • The base model with the hydraulic drive ;
  • The base model with the electric drive ;
  • The high-performance hydraulic drive model ;
  • The high-performance electric drive version.

Any of these models would get the job done in a construction site, warehouse, or any other place that needs heavy lifting. You can improve work productivity and increase the safety of your staff at the same time with the right bucket truck today.

A crane is a piece of heavy machinery equipped with cables and pulleys and used to lift and lower materials safely and efficiently.

Whilst cranes are a staple in the construction industry and there are several types available, they are suitable for different circumstances and environments.

So, how do you determine which crane is best for your project?

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