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Motorized Garage Door Screens In Your House

18 June 2022

While a garage is used for the traditional purpose of storing things, it keeps many bad insects and dust out of your house while protecting your car from the harsh weather. These days having a garage has become a necessity but there is an expectation in some cases. Those people who live on streets that allow street parking don’t need garages because they can park their cars directly on the streets. This increases the risk of your car being damaged by various natural disasters.

Motorized garage door screens in your house

Why You Should Have Motorized Garage Door Screens At Home

The importance of a garage is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. A garage will help you store your stuff inside like a motorbike or a motorcycle if you own one. Cartons of memories that have been taped and packed up by you, those memories that don’t fit inside the walls of your house anymore.

Garages have become a staple in most households for various purposes other than a space to park your car. Most commonly, people have started converting it into an in-house gym space as health campaigns focusing on how to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle at home have taken over social media; even more so after the Covid-19 imposed lockdowns all around the world.

Numerous anecdotes of “quarantine weight gain” have been posted all across the internet and thus, the conversion of garages into home gyms has increased. They are also commonly used as storage spaces and even offices for home businesses to function.

Therefore, since the use of this space is on the rise, so must be the utilization of motorized garage door screens – see These usually mesh and/or tinted screens that help separate the garage from the driveway and any prying eyes from neighbors. Why you should have these in your house:

  • They prevent bugs from entering your house, you should be able to enjoy working out in a ventilated space without the fear of having to deal with nasty bug bites.
  • It allows for privacy; one should have access to a space where they can do what they want to without the prying eyes of neighbors and any passersby whether it be exercising or working or spending time with friends and family. This is afforded to you with the mere press of a button by a motorized garage screen door. Why not try a family garage door.
  • The aforementioned screen also has the power to block out the sun; this leads to a cooler space for you to be able to do whatever it is your heart desires. On particularly sunny days, it is imperative to protect your skin and carry out your tasks in an environment where you are not distracted by the raging sunlight.
  • It affords you the prospect of being able to spend time in the garage even when it is raining; no matter where you reside, rain is likely to be an impediment if you don’t have a motorized garage door screen.

With various sizes, colors, and even mesh options, you can have the perfect garage screen door of your dreams perfectly customized to fit your needs. Prices traditionally begin from $2600 to $2700 and can go up depending on your requirements.

From an architectural and real estate perspective, having these screens in your house can even increase the value of your property. Should you choose to sell your house, the presence of a motorized garage door screen would lead to your house possessing a classier and elevated look. Other features of such screens include:

  • Remote control technology – making it extremely user-friendly, you can create a space to enjoy your time with just the press of a button
  • Motors that aren’t noisy: some companies make use of Somfy motors which have engines that are described as ‘ultra-quiet’. Thus, you can avail of this amenity without fear of its engine causing disruption by way of noise to you and your neighbors.

Technology has made life easier, these days with the help of all these advancements you can create a better lifestyle for yourself while choosing the best things. A good decision will take you a long way and you will not have to spend extra amounts of cash time and again to protect the walls of your home.

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