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Boost Your Curb Appeal With These 3 Kinds of Garage Doors

29 Sep 2021

Boost your curb appeal with 3 kinds of garage doors

Did you know that 99% of realtor home sales agents consider curb appeal critical to attracting buyers? True.

You might not be interested in selling your home, but your curb’s look is a rather personal matter. You may be part of the 41% of homeowners who want their curbs unique and distinct from their neighbors’.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Garage Doors

You can maximize your curb appeal by simply embellishing your garage with these three kinds of garage doors

  1. Wood garage doors
  2. Carriage garage doors
  3. Steel garage doors

Let’s get to it.

Wood Garage Doors

If you’re aiming for a traditional and authentic look, wood garage doors are your best bet. Wood garage doors depict tradition and give your curb a certain timeless elegance.

You can never go wrong with wood garages. They complement every kind of home setting and give your curb a blend of warmth and serenity because they’re natural.

Some homeowners opt-in for look-alike wooden garage doors like faux wood since they’re cost-effective, but authentic natural wood speaks its worth.

Original wood garage doors weigh a ton, making them excellent sound barriers to outside noise. They also have a somewhat insulated frame that holds off the cold during winters and keeps your home cozy and warm.

The most common type of wood garage doors are made from:

  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Cheddar
  • Cypress
  • Cherry

For more information, you can visit to find a variety of natural wood garage doors you can choose from. Whatever wood type you decide on can be styled and painted to match the exterior of your home.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors look a lot like barn doors. They have the same country look that especially complements mid-century home schemes.

Carriage garage doors combine traditional house designs with new and advanced garage door technology like wireless car activation systems and automatic close settings to give your curb an exquisite feel.

There are different types of carriage garage doors to consider, but these styles should be a perfect match to boost your curb appeal:

  • Steel carriage house doors
  • Faux wood carriage house doors
  • Wood carriage house doors

The most common features of carriage garage doors include diverse panel designs, double doors, and conventional aesthetic hardware like iron handles and hinges. These features allow you to make an overhead garage door opener, for instance, look like a hinged door.

Steel Garage Doors

There are many innovative ways to use steel for garage doors which is why steel garage doors come in a wide range of designs, colors, and price quotes.

Choosing your preferred type of steel garage door is quite simple, even with the host designs they come in. This is because steel is versatile and can be easily modified to suit the exterior of your home.

Another unique benefit of steel garage doors is their tensile strength. Because steel can endure massive weight loads, steel garage doors provide reinforced security from winds and notorious weather conditions.

Steel garage doors are built to last for a long time; their layered surfaces provide increased durability and prevent dents in the garage frame enabling it to stand the test of time. Also, steel garage doors can be layered in three levels; single, double, and triple.

Steel garage doors are the best options for contemporary flush designs since they are versatile and can be stamped into different patterns that give your home a unique look and increase your curb appeal.


Ready to get started on revamping your garage door to boost your home appeal? Wood, carriage, and steel garage doors are the go-to choice to boost your curb appeal.

One more thing. It can be challenging to choose between these kinds of garage doors by yourself. If you’re in doubt, you can trust garage door repair professionals to give your house the highest quality in design and durability.

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