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5 Car Garage Design Ideas

19 May 2021

While you are planning to build a house, it’s essential to plan to build a car garage within the compound. The better the layout of the design, the better it suits the house’s aesthetics. In urban areas, due to limited space for garages, people generally avoid garages’ ideas; instead, they park the car beside the road. The risk of parking vehicles on the road may lead to damage or theft.

If you own a luxury car, then you ought to have a garage that matches its value. Luxury cars don’t come cheap, and it’s uneconomic for normal people to buy. If your garage has an extensive piece of construction to fit a luxury car, used cars are perfect for the first impression.

5 Car Garage design ideas guide VW Beetle mechanic

The increase of auto trader frauds has caused a sort of challenge in buying a used car. You have to get Revs Check done to the car before you lay your hand on it. The Revs Check report gives details of the car’s theft record, write-off checks, Takata airbag recall, and more. All you need is a VIN of a car for the detailed history report.

5 Car Garage Design Ideas Guide

  • Attached VS. Detached Garage

Building a garage should be your pre-thought while building a house if you have enough space to fit in. The detached garage should look like the extension of a house rather than seeming odd.

In general, detached garages come with ample space than attached ones. If you are a car fanatic and like playing with car parts and maintaining yourself, then it’s safe to say that you need a detached garage. A detached garage gives you extra space apart from the house, which could be safe if you have kids. Alternatively, it’s not that convenient in bad weather conditions like cold and rain.

Having an attached garage is convenient for small houses as you can park your car between the house entrance and the main gate. It offers you the advantage to take care of vehicles in any unfortunate adverse conditions like heat and rain. The idea to design an attached garage is convenient yet straightforward to the drive-in and out. You can use your main house’s electrics, and it’s, therefore, less expensive to build.

  • Single or Multiple Car Garage

It requires more space, plumbing, electricity, and insulation when it comes to multiple car garages. Generally, a single turnkey car garage costs you $35,000 – $38,000, whereas a double car garage costs roughly $50,000. If you own an apartment, then a whole basement or underground parking is the best to fit in as many vehicles. If it’s an idea of a joint or small family, then the car needs to be parked inside the compound to fit a car or two.

  • Better Garage Entrance

In recent times, newly built houses have a garage attached to the house facing towards the street. Have your architect design a better entry to the garage, which could also fit a small utility room and a bathroom. A modern automated door is the best a garage can have. A traditional porch facing the main entrance of a house would look great if your house has enough compounds.

Security is often a concern when you owe a detached garage; you never know when someone breaks into the garage. Extensive garage security should be your priority regardless of the type of garage you are considering building.

  • The room above the garage

Most house owners with an attached garage design an extra room. A room or a bathroom can easily fit above it because of extra combined walls and pillars. If you ever consider adding a large living room above the garage, consider keeping the garage ceiling and a door closer at about 12 to 14 inches distance. Subsequently, having extra space above the garage increases the resale value of a house.

  • Prepare for adverse conditions

If you live in a place where it snows heavily, then leave a space in front so you can easily remove them. Moistures in snowy and rainy places often damage the parts and machinery kept in the garage, thus have an enclosed garage. Also, it’s not advised to design a garage at the end of the driveway in these locations.

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Coach House, Washington, D.C., United States of America
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Coach House in Washington DC
photograph : John Cole
Coach House in Washington, D.C.
Coachhouse comprises a two-story brick building that was originally constructed as a garage between 1907 and 1911. It was historically associated with the adjacent mansion built in 1905, the rear of which is visible in the context photos.

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