Measured Building Survey Using 3D Laser Scanning equipment advice, Building geodesic measurements guide

Measured Building Survey Using 3D Laser Scanning Equipment

10 Aug 2020

In the process of engineering and geodesic works it is necessary to use special modern devices. These are usually devices that are based on the latest technological achievements including electronics and mechanics. The most advanced devices for measurements at the moment are 3D laser scanners.

Measured building survey using 3D laser scanner equipment

Measured Building Survey with 3D Laser Scanner

Such equipment greatly simplifies various geodesic measurements, while significantly increasing the quality, speed and efficiency of work performed by specialists in the field of architectural measurements. If to compare the 3D laser scanner with its predecessors, the quality of performed operations has improved, not less than several times.

3D laser scanners became a real step forward in scanning and simulation. They can be used to create 3D models of objects that provide incredible detail. Before creation of these devices, obtaining such detailed models was not possible.

Processes such as measured building surveys are usually conducted by experienced specialists, using expensive equipment. It is almost impossible for a person who does not have the relevant experience to perform a quality measurement on their own, so it is recommended to contact the companies involved in professional scanning.

But how much are measured surveys using 3D laser scanners?

Measured building survey using 3D laser scanning equipment

It may be a surprise to some people, but due to the speed of data capture using 3D laser scanners and the fact that only operative is required for undertaking a measured survey, companies using 3D laser scanners are able to compete on the price with companies using a more traditional surveying methods such as tape measure and a laser disto measure.

What does 3D laser scanning mean?

Measured building survey using 3D laser scanner

3D laser scanning of land, buildings and objects is currently the most advanced and high-tech method for obtaining the most detailed and accurate measurements to form 2D drawings and 3D models. In the course of the device operation, a cloud is projected consisting of points with unique spatial coordinates, which makes it possible to obtain an accurate three-dimensional image. Such obtained model of a scanned object can contain a large number of points, up to several billion points. It is also worth noting that measurements are made with high accuracy (around 1 millimetre).

The principle of the laser scanner is something like the work of a radar. The process is based on the high frequency laser beam, which is reflected in a special moving sensor. Thus, the laser first reaches the object, and then is reflected to the starting point.

After this moment, the device at the software level records the return time, and on their basis performs calculations that are converted into data on the distance at which the object is located. In this way, a large cloud of points is created. The peculiarity is that the device can send thousands of requests at once, and thus instantly get the necessary information from a large area of the object being measured.

If you compare a laser device with a total station, this method of surveying is faster and fully automated, in addition it provides more accurate information. The laser usually has a special servo drive, which rotates the measuring head in different directions (horizontal and vertical) if necessary. During operation, the technician no longer has to constantly press any buttons to activate certain functions or to record the obtained coordinates.

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