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2020 Trends In Apartment Communities

Aug 10, 2020

Design trends for apartment communities come and go about as frequently as the changes of the seasons. Well, at least that is the case for a vast majority of trends. After all, a trend is a popular idea or theme that permeates our culture for a limited amount of time. However, according to Architect Magazine, there are a few design trends in apartment communities that have established a longer lasting presence than the trends that stay with us for just a few years.

Apartment Communities Trends 2020

2020 trends In apartment communities

As we wrap up the last half of 2020, let’s look at the design trends in apartment communities that should last well into 2021 and beyond.

Urban Chic is In

Apartment communities located throughout the country and the world tend to attract Millennials and empty nesters. Both demographic groups comprise people that want to live in an urban environment. Although many apartment communities sit outside the hustle and bustle of prominent downtown areas, architects create designs that reflect urban design elements. Millennials just starting out in the job force want to live near like-minded people that enjoy the ambiance generated by living close to their neighbors. Empty nesters return to the urban lifestyle by requesting the most popular design elements that represent the urban lifestyle.

“New construction today differs from the past because it’s a lot more urban, not only in primary cities, but also in places like Denver and Cincinnati,” stated John Seebee of Marcus & Millichap’s Multifamily Housing Group. “If someone tells you that the desirability of urban life is waning, don’t believe them,” added Arden Hearing, who works as the Managing Director of Trumark Homes Urban Division.

Amenities Matter

As square footage inside apartments decline, architects have to come up with novel ways to meet the needs of tenants. One effective strategy to do that involves creating common areas that offer many of the amenities found inside of apartments as recently as 10 years ago. In addition, apartment communities compete for tenants by offering amenities that used to be located off site. According to the property management specialists at Utopia Management, tenants living in apartment communities often request the following amenities.

  • Bicycle storage
  • Ride sharing service
  • Child care
  • Continuing education classes
  • Personal shopper
  • Free access to Wi-Fi
  • Dry cleaning
  • Pet sitter/groomer
  • Fitness center
  • Wellness classes

More Control Over Technology

As pointed out by e-architect, tenants living in apartment communities want more control over technology. It is no longer enough for an apartment community to offer access to technology; it is equally important to grant tenants access to controlling different technology features. This includes features such as remotely controlling an HVAC system and setting the home security alarm from work. A growing number of tenants want the same level of control over technology that homeowners enjoy. The key for property managers of apartment communities is to stay on top of rapidly changing technological innovations. What tenants want today for controlling technology can change as soon as tomorrow.

A Strong Sense of Community

Despite the focus on how technology has irrevocably changed how we interact, many tenants of apartment communities choose to live near other people to stay connected both physically and emotionally. Living in a single family home can limit the number of social interactions each member of the household has each day. On the other hand, tenants of apartment communities want to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with other members of the community. This means property management companies that develop a comprehensive schedule of common activities have a much better chance of landing new tenants. It is not just social interactions that matter; tenants of apartment communities also want to interact in educational settings.

Health and Wellness

We already mentioned the demand for health and wellness amenities such as a fitness center. Tenants of apartment communities also want access to healthy foods and supplements, while not having to walk or drive to the nearest grocery store or nutrition center. In addition, apartment community tenants want to enjoy a sense of privacy, which designers deliver by installing sound proof walls and noise reducing windowpanes.

Eco Awareness

As climate change remains a hot issue, so does the demand for apartment communities that focus on promoting climate change initiatives. From solar panels that deliver power to units to green spaces that foster a healthy living environment, apartment communities that promote eco-friendly initiatives should remain popular homes for residents. The primary goal of a majority of eco conscious apartment community tenants is to reduce the consumption of energy, preferably renewable energy.

Will the current high demand for apartment community residences continue to surge? Some real estate analysts expect a gradual shift back to home ownership, but that does not mean Millennials and empty nesters plan to leave their apartment communities any time in the near future.

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