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Autonomous WorkPod – Backyard Home Office for Working from Home

10 August 2021

Autonomous workpod, backyard home office

Autonomous WorkPod – Working from Home Office

Working from home has become regular for many employees. Around 56% of the workforce in the United States have a job suitable for remote work. However, working from home presents its own set of challenges.

You can install a backyard home office with the WorkPod to focus solely on your work away from any distractions. It enhances your scope to perform efficiently and boosts your productivity.

The reputable company, Autonomous, brings smart design and innovative engineering together to come up with an efficient WorkPod for the home office. You can install it in the backyard and have your private workspace.

ThisAutonomous WorkPod review walks you through the features and benefits of the WorkPod. Read on to know how it can make your work-from-home routine more productive.

Why Should You Consider Installing a WorkPod?

To ensure that you do your best work, it helps to have a separate space dedicated for office use. It enables you to get into the right work environment and accelerate your workflow.

However, it may be difficult to arrange a separate office space within your home. Your couch and dining table may seem more inviting. But, they can also be distracting and uncomfortable. It soon affects your work performance.

Moreover, uncomfortable furniture causes extra strain on your body. Bad posture adversely affects your health. Instead, you can opt for a detached office space, such as the Autonomous WorkPod. It brings you the amenities and comfort to create a conducive working space.


The design of this home office pod is not only aesthetically appealing but also provides maximum utility. Autonomous assures that every material of the WorkPod goes through the finest and most efficient selection process – see They go through durability and anti-termite screening.

It comes in 17 prefabricated components. The WorkPod is made with premium wood, such as walnut oak, along with aluminum and tempered glass. Around 80% of its materials are eco-friendly and allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. They mostly come from recyclable industrial steel and plywood.

Your private office space feels spacious and airy despite occupying less space. Along with the rustic aesthetic, the glass wall provides adequate natural light, so you can also revel in the scenery in your backyard.

Easy Installation

Your outdoor home office comes to you in 17 components for easier transportation and assembling. It takes a maximum of one day to complete the installation by yourself. Follow the installation guidelines to set it up quickly and efficiently.

The WorkPod is compatible with every backyard. It uniformly distributes weight and becomes compatible with uneven surfaces, such as gravel, grass, concrete, and brick. You can easily adjust its fuss-free foundation to install it on uneven grounds as well. The foundation is also adjustable to about 45 inches.

Best Features

This Autonomous WorkPod review highlights the best features that make the WorkPod highly functional and efficient.

Compatible with All Weathers

You do not have to let the rain or the scorching sun deter you from working in your private office space. Your backyard home office withstands excess heat, wind, rain, and snow.

The materials are durable and go through vigorous resistance and anti-termite testing. You do not have to deal with the invasion of nasty pests, mold, and insects as well. Your home office pod remains a safe space without any interruptions.


The WorkPod is entirely wired and comes with pre-installed cooling and heating systems. Hence, you only require the correct electrical connections and power outlets for your devices. Moreover, you can work comfortably with its heat insulation that keeps the temperature constant.

The outdoor home office comes with a ventilator. It circulates fresh air within the office pod, making it fresh and healthy for you.

What to Expect with an Autonomous workpod?

The Autonomous WorkPod comes in two versions:

  • The Naked WorkPod
  • The Fully Equipped WorkPod

The Naked WorkPod comes with a heating and cooling unit and an overhead light. Meanwhile, the Fully Equipped version has ergonomic furniture from Autonomous for maximum support and comfort during long work hours.

The Fully Equipped WorkPod comes with the following:

  • Heating and cooling unit
  • Overhead lighting
  • ErgoChair Pro +
  • SmartDesk Pro
  • Cable tray
  • Filing cabinet
  • Anti-fatigue mat
  • Dual monitor arm

Both versions have noise insulation and prevent any distractions with outdoor noises.

Autonomous workpod for home office – Final Thoughts

This Autonomous WorkPod review brings out the best features of the WorkPod. You can expect the WorkPod for home office to be long-lasting. It also comes with a warranty of three years.

The home office pod creates a spacious and comfortable workspace. You can work without any distractions in your backyard. This allows you to focus more on work, boosting your performance and productivity.

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