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Local Overhead Doors Company: Garage Door Services in Metro Atlanta

6 February 2024

Local overhead doors company - Garage door services in metro Atlanta

Metro Atlanta has the largest population in Georgia’s metropolitan statistical area. That means many houses with garages. Garages serve a purpose in homes, and it goes beyond simply protecting cars.

Many use their garages for various purposes, so having the garage door in excellent condition is crucial to how much you enjoy the space. However, that is not always the case, and when a garage door is in poor condition, the problem is more than simply keeping you out of the space.

A faulty one can pose a serious risk of bodily injury if left unchecked. You can try troubleshooting and fixing the problem, but there is usually a snag, especially if you have no professional training. The cause of the problem may be more than one, and you may worsen the problem while trying to troubleshoot or repair it.

That is where garage door services come into the picture. Using the services of a local garage door repair company is the best step because it has the tools and expertise to find and fix the issue quickly. So, if you notice it is slow to open, does not open at all, or is noisy, it is time to call in the big guns.

Common Problems with Garage Doors

These doors have issues that commonly require professional attention. The following problems should get immediate attention if you notice them.

1. Slow or No Opening

One of the most common issues is no opening. It may be stuck, or the sensor may be blocked. Sometimes, dirt covers the sensor, making operation with the remote difficult. Other times, it may be too slow in opening, which may be because something obstructs it or the roller has weakened.

In such situations, you must refrain from opening it manually while the power is on. That will be your first instinct, but doing that can be dangerous. Instead, turn it off before manually trying the door. If you notice a slow or no opening and manual opening does not work, leave it as it is and call for professional assistance.

2. Stuck or Damaged Rollers

The manufacturing material of the rollers will determine how long it lasts. The most common materials are nylon, steel, and plastic. But the rollers typically last a long time, and you usually do not have to worry about them for a while unless they are not properly installed or damaged in some way.

Rusted or old rollers are also culprits in this case. And if they stick or become damaged, you cannot open the garage.

The first thing you can do is to inspect the rollers. Check if anything is stuck between them and the bottom of the garage. Also, examine them to check for rust; lubricate them with good-grade oil or lubricant and give them time to seep into the rollers.

If the problem continues, call for repairs. But here is how to replace the rollers yourself if you want to do the job.

Garage door services in metro Atlanta

3. Uneven or Bent Door

Another obvious and common issue is an uneven or bent door. Several factors, such as an obstruction or rust, can cause unevenness. Blunt force can cause it to bend out of shape. The first thing to do if the door is uneven is to check for any obstructions. Clear the path and see if that corrects the issue.

Also, ensure no rust can pull on the door hard enough to make it uneven. As mentioned, lubricate the rollers or clean the rust as much as possible. These are only temporary solutions; you may still need to have a trained repairer check and fix the underlying issue.

4. Weak Opener

There is something called an opener that enables your garage door to open without stress. It is part of the entire mechanism and can hinder smooth operation if it fails. Ensure nothing blocks the antenna and the batteries are not too old.

Consider using new batteries while getting close to the opener when operating the door. If these steps do not work, the motor may be defective. You need a technician to determine and fix the problem in such a case.

5. Damaged Springs

The springs on your garage door wear out over time, especially over years of regular use. The torsion or extension springs can only work for so long, and they snap when they reach the end of their lifespan. The only solution is to replace the springs, so have a trained technician do it.

Do you want to repair it yourself? Check out this resource https://www.hgtv.com/ for the steps. Keep the door shut until someone replaces the springs; attempting to open it with the damaged springs may cause them to come off as projectiles and hurt you.

Local overhead doors company - Garage door services in metro Atlanta

Benefits of Using a Garage Door Service

Regular maintenance is better than repairs because it prevents issues that may cost too much to fix. This applies to appliances, devices, and garage doors. Here are a few benefits of using professional services when necessary.

1. Prevents Costly Repairs

Servicing your garage door solves minor issues with the entire system before they become big. For example, regularly lubricating the rollers or hinges for those with hinges keeps them from rusting.

Also, replacing batteries prevents them from rusting and damaging the remote or control system. Extensive damage costs money; sometimes, it becomes bad enough to require a complete replacement. Some issues are avoidable if you regularly service the powering mechanism.

2. Provides Safety

A well-functioning garage door does not pose a risk to you or anyone. When it operates poorly, it may swing and hurt someone. As mentioned, a loose spring may shoot out as a projectile, or the door may open too quickly and slam on someone’s hand. However, these do not happen if you use a professional service for regular maintenance.

3. Prolongs Lifespan

Regular garage door maintenance ensures it does not prematurely stop working. These doors are designed to last many years, but this extended lifespan is not automatic. Servicing it can determine how long it lasts. Therefore, servicing it keeps the motor and other parts running as required. That way, you do not have to replace it earlier than you should.

4. Ensures Security

One of the primary reasons for a well-functioning garage door is to provide security. Since it is one of the entrances to a house, you must ensure it works well. One that does not operate as it should is a security risk. Have a servicing company regularly check it, especially if it is high maintenance, to ensure it is in good working condition.

Local overhead doors company garage door services in metro Atlanta Conclusion

Keep your garage door functioning well with regular servicing. Occasionally inspect it for faults or issues, especially the rollers, springs, and the opener. You will save a lot of money if you quickly catch and fix issues before they become big. However, it is best to use the services of a professional to avoid injury, further damage, or extensive repairs.

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