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Blocked Drains and Other Plumbing Issues in Portsmouth England

30 May 2024

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Blocked drains and plumbing problems are every home owner’s nightmare, posing severe risks to both property and health. They can result in substantial property damage as well as potential health concerns for you and your family.

No matter if it is your kitchen sink that won’t drain properly or your toilet emitting smelly gases, there may be several causes behind blocked drains that you should know of and some helpful ways to prevent them. We will go over some common reasons behind blocked drains as well as how you can prevent future issues in this blog post.

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Foreign Objects

At times, foreign objects can get into your drain and cause it to become blocked up, whether by you being careless or someone flushing something that shouldn’t have gone down the toilet. Luckily, most clogs of this nature can usually be fixed using either a plunger or plumbing snake; in certain instances baking soda and hot water might also work!

Hair can be one of the leading causes of blocked sink or shower drains. A strainer, shower/tub stopper or long grabber (sometimes referred to as ‘gulley grab’ ) will catch loose hair and debris so it doesn’t end up in your drains. For larger blockages of hair you could invest in a long grabber which helps with removal without getting your hands wet!

Some food, like eggshells and grease, do not disintegrate completely when sent down the drain, and may accumulate over time to form a blockage in your pipes. Therefore, it is wise to throw these items in the garbage rather than down your sink. You can instead compost some of these items. You can visit this helpful site to learn more.

Finally, wet wipes, feminine products and cotton swabs should never be flushed into your toilet as these materials can create serious blockages when flushed down the drains. Be sure that if they do happen to make their way in there accidentally they should be caught by your trash can if flushing it is unavoidable.

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Grease/Fat Build-Up

Fats and grease (FOG) may initially flow as liquid through drains, but as it cools it solidifies onto pipe walls, creating a sticky film that traps food particles, soap scum, and other debris which would normally wash away through drains – creating an obstruction that restricts the flow of water and leads to blockages.

Blockages caused by FOG are easily identifiable as they give off an offensive smell and sound when used, along with making gurgling noises and not allowing water to pass through at all. Unfortunately, using chemicals as a solution to break through blockages can further damage pipes while being dangerous to both people and animals.

Prevention of FOG-caused blockages should include routine drain cleaning with hot water and detergents that are safe for your pipe material. You can click the link: to learn more.

Pouring boiling water down your drain will quickly liquefy grease so it can flow down more freely, or mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar down it in equal parts to trigger a chemical reaction that breaks down grease.

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Broken Pipes

No one enjoys dealing with broken pipes, and the repercussions can be immense. A burst pipe could flood and cause considerable property damage if left unaddressed, not to mention repair costs and cleanup efforts required afterwards.

If your sink, tub or shower are draining slowly or not at all it could be an indicator that they have become blocked with debris or build-up causing foul smells to pervade the home. This is why it is important for those with a blocked drain in Portsmouth to call in professionals to assess the situation. These blockages can become breeding grounds for bacteria which will only serve to worsen matters over time.

Step one in unclogging a drain is to pinpoint its location. This will enable a plumber to determine which method will be most successful at clearing away obstructions in your pipe, such as hard foreign objects that you might remove yourself with a long grabber called a “gulley grab”, while soft objects like wet wipes may require special removal equipment like a drain rod or plumbing snake.

Broken or displaced pipes are another leading cause of blocked drains, usually as the result of tree roots, poor installation practices or ageing pipes. To mitigate this issue it’s a good idea to regularly have your external drain lines inspected by an accredited service provider who will identify potential issues as well as recommend maintenance solutions like Hercules Root Destroyer that help stop root growth within drain lines.

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Poor Installation

Clogged drains can be an alarming omen of larger issues. Learning what causes drain blockages will allow you to avoid these unpleasant surprises and maintain good condition within your pipes.

Maintaining an effective and well-kept plumbing system is of utmost importance in any home. Unfortunately, clogged drains are a common occurrence that can lead to backups and flooding issues for your residence. Understanding their causes is vital so you can prevent future occurrences, calling in the professionals when necessary before it gets out of hand.

Hair is one of the leading causes of blocked drains, as people often wash and shower with long, wet locks which clog the drains when washing or showering. Regularly clearing sink and shower drains of any built up hair will help avoid this scenario from arising.

Blocked drains and plumbing issues in Portsmouth England

Mineral Build-Up

Over time, pipes may begin to form mineral build-up that results in clogs and blockages, especially when operating under hard water conditions where calcium and magnesium ions make their way into the plumbing system.

Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing blockages in your household and learning how and why drains clog is an invaluable preventative measure that could save a great deal of hassle, expense and stress.

Some of the main causes of blocked drains can be avoided easily, while for more serious ones it is wise to hire a plumber. Blocked toilets, showers, and kitchen drains are a constant hassle for UK homeowners but understanding why these occur will enable you to take steps towards prevention.

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