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How Emergency Plumbers Stop Structural Damage And Costly Repairs

12 July 2023

Anyone who has suffered a flood will know how devastating water damage can be. Certain regions suffer from flooding regularly due to climate and geographical reasons. But, a home’s plumbing can fail causing serious damage to buildings and belongings.

The majority of plumbers offer emergency services including 24/7 call-outs. The main reason is that when plumbing goes awry, it can be catastrophic. Any unplanned call to a plumber is likely to have some sense of urgency. In these events, the response time can affect how much damage is caused to your home.

A fast response will often mean less water damage, and less mess to clear up. In turn, this will lead to fewer restoration costs.

How emergency plumbers stop structural damage and costly repairs

When should you call out emergency plumbers?

There are a number of clues that may point to you needing to call a plumber. Simple problems such as dripping taps might be a DIY job, but other problems will require professional help. For instance, if you have no hot water then you may need a plumber. If you hear strange gurgling sounds, or your drains appear blocked, then you should call plumber Castle Hill.

Overflowing toilets and sewers backing up are definitely emergency plumbing problems. You should ring an emergency plumber in the event of burst pipes, or water heater issues.

Some of the reasons for calling an emergency plumber include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Persistent leaks
  • Continuous low water pressure
  • Gas leaks
  • Sewer backing up
  • Blocked drains
  • No hot water

If your water tank is leaking, for instance, this needs immediate attention. Tanks hold vast amounts of water. And if they should burst you could have catastrophic flooding in your home.

If a water tank should burst then your home will experience water damage. Carpets and flooring will be affected along with furnishings. What you may not realize though, is your home could suffer structural damage too.

Preventing structural damage through emergency plumbing services

If your plumbing system experiences a catastrophic leak, your home could be flooded extremely quickly. 50 gallons of water will flow through a 1/2-inch pipe every minute. If no one is at home to call a plumber out, this water will flood a home fast.

This is just one reason why plumbing maintenance shouldn’t be ignored. There are several ways that heavy leaks can devastate a home. And leaks are common problems. Indeed, 70% of construction lawsuits are for water damage caused by leaks.

Being in a position to call an emergency plumber as soon as a problem manifests will reduce the likelihood of serious damage.

How will a catastrophic flood affect a home?

A burst pipe might cause only a little water damage, and be easily repairable. Perhaps you will need to redecorate and buy a new rug. But, when leaks are more serious, they can cause genuine structural damage.

Weakened foundations

If water from leaks is allowed to accumulate around the base of a home, it can weaken the foundations. Leaks in underground pipes are more difficult to spot. So, it is advisable to note the signs of hidden leaks.

Low water pressure may be a sign of a leaking pipe. And pooling of water on your lawn can also be a sign there is a leaking pipe. Soil erosion from heavy leaks will weaken your foundations and this can cause cracks and shifting.

Building materials deterioration

This type of damage is caused by continual exposure to water. Extended exposure to dampness and moisture will lead to rotting and mold growth. This will compromise your home’s structural stability.

Mold and mildew

Mold and dampness bring other problems too. Being exposed to mold impacts human health. Mold spreads quickly and can cause some unpleasant symptoms including wheezing and itchy eyes. Mold and mildew can also exacerbate symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

Damage to carpets and flooring

Some materials may be irreversibly damaged through a serious leak. Hardwood and laminate may warp or discolor. And carpeting may need to be ripped up and replaced.

Electrical hazards

It shouldn’t need explaining, but water and electricity don’t mix. Leaks can lead to short circuits, shocks, and electrical fires. This dangerous combination leads to serious hazards for the occupants. And potentially more damage to a home.

Structural decay

Water seeping from leaky pipes may travel into wall cavities. The integrity of your home’s structure will be compromised. Ceilings and walls will be affected, and lead to decay. Support beams could be weakened, and plaster will noticeably crumble.

Decreased property value

A flood could lower the value of your home. Unfortunately, a serious leak may lead to water damage restoration services being needed. A house inspection will discover water damage and may bring a sale to a halt. At best, your buyer will likely expect a reduction in the selling price.

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Immediate action for water leaks

Just how can you stop a leak quickly, what should you do? Well, if you are fortunate enough to be home when a pipe bursts or your water tank fails, then there are immediate steps to take.

Shut off the main water supply valve. Water flows rapidly from burst pipes, so your priority is to stop this as quickly as possible. Next, call an emergency plumber. It is vital that you get a professional out as quickly as possible.

If you have stemmed the flood, then switch off the power at the main panel. Turning off the electricity immediately makes your home safer when there is water around. But, only do this if it is safe. If the electric panel is in an area with water, then call an electrician out.

You can now take time to save your valuables and document the water damage. You will need this to make any insurance claim go smoother. Water damage restoration costs up to $5,600. So documenting your incident with photos and video is useful for helping the claims process. Otherwise, you may face paying out for restoration services yourself.

When shouldn’t you tackle a plumbing emergency yourself?

There are millions of DIY enthusiasts across the country. And many of them will be fully capable of dealing with a leaking pipe or dripping faucet. But, some plumbing tasks shouldn’t be touched by amateurs.

Sewer lines should always be left to experienced plumbers. Frankly, why would you want to tackle sewer line problems anyway? Plumbers have specialist equipment and are experienced in diagnosing issues with plumbing systems.

Gas leaks are another no-no. If you are concerned about a potential gas leak you must call a professional plumber in. Not only could DIY work cause more damage, but gas leaks are extremely dangerous.

Water heaters should be left to plumbers too. It could be tempting to try and fix a heater when you have no hot water but you might invalidate your warranty.

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How Emergency Plumbers Stop Structural Damage And Costly Repairs Summary

Water leaks rarely happen at convenient times. Frozen pipes in winter can lead to an unexpected flood after thawing. Emergency plumbers are available for this eventuality and plenty more.

Some plumbing issues need addressing urgently. Gas leaks should be seen as fast as possible. But, water can damage a building dramatically. Hidden moisture build-up will cause decay, and eventually affect a home’s structure.

Catastrophic plumbing failures will result in hundreds of gallons of water pouring into your home in mere minutes. And restoration costs can rack up quickly. Preventative plumbing maintenance is very useful for stopping these problems from ever occurring.

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