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How To Unblock Drains: A Guide

8 July 2022

We all have those annoying days where your sink is just full of water, and it just does not seem to drain quickly. Or the absolute inconvenience you face as you stand under the shower, ankle-deep in water. This clearly shows signs of blocked drains, and it is a common occurrence in every person’s life.

how to unblock drains sink

Before you contact your blocked drain plumber, here’s what you can try!

  1. The Infamous Kitchen Ingredients: Vinegar, Baking Soda, And Many More:

By this time even if you do not know much about what causes blocked drains, in the back of your mind you already know that vinegar and baking soda can help unclog it. There have been many DIY videos made on this method and have been trending on social media since forever. All you need to do is boil some water and pour that hot water down your drain.

The second step is to take equal parts of vinegar and baking soda and put the mixture down the drain. Make sure you put the baking soda first. Once you’ve done this, let the sink sit just like that for almost 30 minutes before you pour more hot water to give it a final clean. This will definitely help in unclogging some amount of the dirt.

The chemical reaction that takes place between the soda, vinegar, and hot water, applies pressure and corrosive action to the clog, forcing it to break down and free the pipe! However, many say that hot water is the only ingredient that actually works and that baking soda should be avoided in metallic pipes since it only results in surface corrosion. So, act at your own risk!

  • Baking Soda And Salt:

The same method, just replace the vinegar with salt. Pour equal amounts of baking soda and salt and pour it down the drain after pouring hot water. Let it sit for 30 minutes, and pour some more hot water!

  • Vinegar, Lemon, and Salt:

Take equal parts of vinegar and salt in a vessel, squeeze half a lemon, mix everything and pour it down your drain. Let it sit for over 30 minutes and pour some hot water into the drain to finally release the clog.

  • Salt And Hot Water:

Take at least half a cup of salt and pour it down the drain followed by hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes, and pour some more hot water!

  • Why is salt used to unclog drains?

Salt can be used for unclogging drains since it has antiseptic and abrasive properties. It also helps with pipe scrubbing and absorbing bacteria.

  • Things to remember: The above-mentioned methods should not be used for fat, oil, and grease clogs (FOG). Hot water will only melt FOG and distribute it to different places but not clean it entirely. This will create more future problems. Boiling water can also melt plastic pipes.
  1. Closet Auger, Clothes Hanger, Or Drain Snake For Clogged Drains:

Easy DIY method to try before you call your block drain plumber! You can take a clothes hanger and straighten it out, making the ‘hook’ of the hanger usable. Fish around with the hook, navigating it with the straightened-out body of the hanger. Similarly, a closet auger or drain snake can be bought from your nearest hardware store if you do not have a metal hanger. They do the same job but with great flexibility!

unblock sink drain plughole

  1. Wet And Dry Vacuum For Clogged Drains:

Another method to try is to use your dry or wet vacuum to unclog your drain. All you need to do is set your vacuum mode to ‘wet’ and create a tight seal between the drain and the arm extension you will be using for the vacuum. This will help suck out the clog effectively.

These are one of the few best DIY methods you can try at home if you’re experiencing signs of blocked drains. Make sure you keep yourself informed about every step that you’re taking. For example, the first point clearly mentions how salt and hot water are great but not so much for plastic pipes.

It is better to gauge your outcomes before attempting anything. If you’re sceptical or have tried everything, but it proves to be just a temporary solution, get in touch with your blocked drain plumber and get some promising professional work done.

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