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5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

3 Dec 2021

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

One of the challenges of being a homeowner — especially if you are new to it — is that you are in charge of figuring out when you need to call a professional for repairs. And it can be hard to figure out when an issue is something that can be ignored and when it’s something you should call someone to fix. That can be especially true for plumbing-related problems, since most of a house’s pipes and plumbing-related appliances are kept out of sight and out of mind.

5 Signs You Need to Get a Plumber

The problem is that there are plenty of plumbing problems that either won’t go away on their own or will only get worse the longer you wait. And if you want to make sure you’ll know when to call a team of professional Denver plumbers for an inspection, here are the signs you should keep an eye out for.

1 – Sweating water heater

You should be mindful of any humidity coming out of your water heater. Whether it be sweating, or a damp spot around the heater, or just overly-damp air in the room where you keep the heater. The issue is that humidity could be a sign of a leak, and even if it isn’t, a humid environment can make your heater prone to rusting.

This means that if you fail to spot this problem or take too long to fix it, your heater may suffer irreparable damage which will reduce its expected lifespan. So, if you spot your heater sweating or sitting on a puddle, call a plumber to check it out.

2 – Low water pressure

Lower-than-usual water pressure is one of those problems that are easy to ignore. Especially if the pressure isn’t low enough to affect everyday tasks.

But while low water pressure by itself isn’t always a major problem, the cause of that lack of pressure can be a serious issue. After all, low water pressure can be caused by a variety of problems big and small, and you won’t know how bad the root cause is until you get a professional to help you uncover it.

You should also keep an eye out for recurring low water pressure issues. Such as if your water pressure drops at certain parts of day or a few times a week for no apparent reason.

Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

3 – Recurring clogging problem

A clogged pipe by itself isn’t an emergency, especially if you can take care of it with a plumber. But if certain trains or faucets continually end up clogged for no apparent reason, it’s a good idea to get a professional involved. Everything from grease build-up to roots getting into your underground systems can cause recurring clogging problems, and a plumber has the right tools to figure out the cause of the problem.

4 – Dripping faucets

A dripping faucet or showerhead can add up to massive amounts of water being wasted every year. So, for the sake of your wallet and the environment, make sure you get those problems fixed when you spot them, no matter how easy the issue is to ignore.

5 – Foul smells

Foul smells coming from faucets, drains, or random spots around your house can be a sign of a deeper plumbing issue. And while most people will call for help right away if their house smells like a sewer, when the smell only happens intermittently in some spots of the house it is easier to ignore. The problem is that since you don’t know what is causing the smell, it’s probably best to have a professional check it out and make sure nothing is leaking or stuck in your pipes.

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