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What Happens to Solar Panel Houses When the Power Goes Out?

31 May 2024

You may think that one of the benefits of solar power is that you don’t have to worry about power outages. However, this is not always the case. As you research solar panel installation Charlotte NC, you should understand how your system will perform during major storms, blackouts or other power outages.

Solar panel houses power outage

About Grid-Tied Solar Systems

If your solar power system installer tied your energy to the grid, you cannot use the energy generated by your system. Because you hook into the grid, your solar power generation can harm utility repairmen.

The utility company stops all power movement in the lines because repair persons have to work on the lines, especially during and after storms. If they encounter electricity, they could get hurt or die. Most systems installed today tie into the grid.

Solar Backup Options

Fortunately, you can install a backup battery system with a solar-specific battery system. These battery systems can increase the cost of your solar system significantly. However, you don’t need as many batteries as you would for a fully off-grid system. As your solar panels produce energy, the power goes into your batteries. Then, you can pull power out of them when the power goes down.

You also need to invest in regular maintenance, and you should replace your batteries within 10 years or less. These backup systems aren’t as technologically advanced as the rest of the components. However, some options, such as a Tesla battery for solar, have become more innovative.

Fully Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid systems rely entirely on battery storage systems to collect any power you generate over what you use. You store this power for times when the sun is not shining or when the power goes out. Then, you will draw power from your backup batteries.

Unfortunately, if you remove your home from the grid, you limit your energy consumption to the amount you can generate, save or produce with a generator. These systems work well in remote areas but aren’t typically cost-effective for those who live in town or have access to the grid.

Energy Saving Strategies

You can do a few things to save energy. First, switch to LED light bulbs throughout your home or business. Then, upgrade your appliances to those that save energy. Unplug any electronic device you aren’t using, especially during power outages.

Emergency Preparedness

To fully prepare for an emergency, you should have some form of backup system. However, you will likely have limited power. Therefore, you should carefully choose the things you want to power during these periods. Prioritize your energy usage. Medical equipment, such as oxygen, should become a priority. You should also have enough power for emergency lights and your refrigerator. You should have the ability to charge your electronics.

You can also choose a backup generator rather than a battery storage system. Generators tend to be less expensive and can run on a variety of fuels, such as gasoline, propane and natural gas.

Contact solar companies in Virginia to learn more about backup systems that keep your home and business safe and your power working during emergencies or blackouts.

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