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How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies In One Week

June 14, 2022

Want to get rid of drain flies, but confused? Have you seen flies loitering in your bathroom? Do you think they’re sewage flies? Believe it, if they’re little, grey, have round wings, and seem to enjoy your moist sewers, you’ve already got a drain fly infestation. The good news is that getting rid of drain flies is simple.

Time is of the essence, though, because with each passing day, another batch of eggs is likely to hatch. Drain flies won’t attack you, but they will spread toxic drain and sewage muck all over the area, containing deadly bacteria. Drain or bathroom flies are likely to aggravate asthma or allergies, and they have been known to transmit diseases such as myiasis and microfilaria.

Furthermore, neglecting them may result in serious plumbing issues. Why? Do you recall what they eat? It’s possible that a build-up of junk is about to clog your drain pipes, necessitating the use of a professional blocked drain cleaning service. To put it another way, learning how to get rid of drain flies in Australia is crucial.

How to get rid of drain flies in one week

How To Get Rid Of Drain Flies In One Week Advice Guide


When was the last time you did that? If it’s been a while, simply clean your bathroom as usual, then get out a pipe brush to scour the inside of the drain. This helps get rid of drain flies naturally. After a week, perform another thorough cleaning.


Drain flies and boiling hot water are two things that don’t mix. Boiling water is not only a fantastic way to get rid of some of the drain muck that attracted them in the first place, but it’s also a wonderful way to get rid of some of the drain muck that attracted them in the first place.

Pour the entire kettle down there, then do it every day for the next week.


Baking soda is another essential component for unclogging a sink drain and doing routine drain maintenance, such as saying goodbye to drain flies. Combine half a cup of water with another half cup of salt, then add a cup of white vinegar and drink it all down. Allow the mixture to sizzle for a few minutes before rinsing it down with hot water.

After 3 or 4 days, repeat the treatment.


While the aforementioned natural cure is effective, there are a variety of drain chemicals available on the supermarket shelf. They can eat organic matter as well as drain flies down there. However, you should proceed with caution, not only because of the potential dangers of the chemicals, but also because the improper application might damage pipes.


After you’ve done all of that regularly, you may check to see whether any tough little Aussie drain flies remain by placing a trap for them. Add a little apple cider vinegar to a vessel that can be sealed at the top with cling wrap, since they adore it. Make a few small holes in the top to let the critters in, but don’t worry, they won’t be able to get out.

Allow the trap to sit for a week, refilling the bait as needed.


At the end of the day, you’re researching how to get rid of drain flies since the state of your drains has attracted them. We’re talking about organic stuff and debris that’s damp, sluggish, and delectable to drain flies – and acts as a handwritten invitation for them to make your drains their preferred hatching location. If it gets too out of hand, it is time to contact drain cleaning services.

Even if you only encounter a few drain flies out of nowhere, keep an eye out for early indicators of an infestation. It is critical to take preventative measures to screen for and treat a potential problem.

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