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What Everyone Should Know About Selling Wholesale Power Tools

31 May 2024

Some things are always in demand, like power tools. If you’re searching for a business niche, this may be a great one.

From DIY enthusiasts to homeowners who only want the basics in their garages and sheds, tools are something that will always be trending. You also have options when it comes to your business model. You can specialize in a specific type of tool, like only selling battery-powered models.

However, before you get started you need inventory and this is when you may want to look at wholesale power tools. Before you dive headfirst into the wholesale tool market, there are a few things to consider.

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Get to Know the Power Tool Market

Not all power tools are in high demand, so you don’t want to stock up on a ton of wholesale drills if consumers are searching for screwdrivers, impact wrenches, and battery-operated glue guns.

Before you start stocking up on tools, get to know the market a little bit first. Take a look at what’s going on in your area. Is there a lot of new construction going up? If so, your target audience may be construction workers. They need tools to complete the project and hate spending their entire paychecks on work necessities.

If DIYers are the talk of the town, then you’re probably going to want to cater to them. This doesn’t mean ignoring other potential customers’ needs, only make sure you stock what you know will sell in your area. Since power tools are often expensive to ship across the country and overseas, there’s a good chance most of your customers are going to be local.

Brand Names Matter

Tools are a little different than some other niches—brand names matter. You’re more likely to sell tools made by recognized manufacturers compared to those with a name no one knows.

Consumers expect their tools to last for years, regardless of how often it’s used. Craftsmanship is essential whether you’re selling a tool to a construction worker or a homeowner who wants to fix a leaky faucet.

So, what are some brand names consumers look for when shopping for power tools?

  • Milwaukee is a popular tool brand known for reliability and durability.
  • Makita tools hold their value, something to consider if you’re considering refurbishing and reselling gently used tools. The brand is known for its precision and power. Professionals tend to gravitate to Makita.
  • DeWalt is known for its innovative designs that can withstand a beating. Their durability also makes DeWalt tools a good option for resellers.
  • Bosch is another well-known brand known for producing high-quality tools. The tools are also long-lasting and Bosch has an extensive catalog.

This is only a small example of some of the well-known tool brands on the market. With a little research, you can easily add more brands to your inventory. Just remember to look for brands offering reliability and durability. These are usually two of the key factors consumers look for in their power tools.

Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Tools

Okay, you have a pretty good idea of the types of tools your consumers are looking for, along with their preferred brands. So, what else is there to consider?

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Power Source

You want to be able to offer a variety of tools with different power sources. Why does power source matter? The power source can affect how well a tool is suited for a specific job.

For example, if the power source is electric, then there’s a cord involved. Sometimes, the cord gets in the way and it can also limit where someone can use the tool. On top of this, you can only go as far as the cord allows.

Electrical cords can also be hazards, especially on construction sites. So, to help ensure you have something for everyone don’t forget to stock battery-powered tools. Since cords aren’t involved with battery-powered tools, the user can take it almost anywhere. Safety can also be improved in some situations.

By offering different power sources you can also address some consumers’ environmental concerns. Gas-powered lawn mowers and other yard tools are extremely effective but also emit carbon and noise pollution.

By also offering battery-powered and electric models, you can reach eco-conscious consumers. This is also something you can advertise as more consumers look to support businesses that are taking steps to promote sustainability.

Provided Warranties and Services

As a business owner, you can choose to offer warranties and guarantees on your products but this can get expensive.

While you want to guarantee things like shipping and the product arriving in good condition, warranties are often best left to the manufacturer. Thankfully, almost all tool manufacturers offer some type of warranty. Even if it’s a limited warranty, it’s still better than nothing.

Why are warranties so important? The answer is fairly simple. Good tools can be expensive and most consumers can’t afford to continuously replace their tools. With a warranty, consumers have more peace of mind and are more likely to make a purchase.

If you’re selling refurbished tools, warranties typically aren’t valid. However, most consumers expect these tools to only come with short-term limited warranties. If you’re handling the refurbishing, the warranty is up to you. If a third party is taking care of the rebuilding, look for a partner that offers warranties on their work.

Market Trends

We already discussed getting to know the tool market, but it doesn’t stop after your shelves are stocked. Market trends are constantly changing and this even applies to tools. What everyone wanted in their garage and tool sheds one year will probably change by the next.

Yes, some tools are standard like screwdrivers, drills, and hammers, but others may be flying off the shelf one season and sitting around the next. For instance, maybe everyone wants to take up metal detecting. There are scores of people searching for buried treasure in the backyard—but then by next year, birdhouses are the next big trend.

Now, your consumers are ignoring the metal detectors you have in stock and need tools to assemble birdhouses. By staying on top of market trends as they emerge, your business is ready to meet the next big demand.
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Power Tools Can Be a Profitable Business

You can enjoy a booming business by selling power tools. However, make sure you know what your customers want and need. When you have what they want in stock, your tool business can easily become a profitable one.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be vastly improved by delivering exceptional customer service and employing knowledgeable staff. The power tool business is more likely to succeed if it keeps track of market trends and maintains a well-equipped inventory.

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