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Arkfeld UV Olight – Artificial Light

10 March 2023


We can see our surroundings by recognizing details, distinct colours, movement, and brightness in the light. It has a profound effect on a person’s physiology and psychology. The way light affects us can either enhance or impair our ability to think, sleep, and general welfare. Our circadian cycles can be stabilized and our mood can be improved. Everything that produces light is a light source.

There are numerous sources of artificial light. Arkfeld UV is one type of artificial light source which uses a UV filter to trap the light to the receptors and traps the melanin inside them. The fundamental purpose of the product is to increase visual consciousness, cognition, and alertness. In other words, we have this light which is absorbed by our eyes which then enters our inner body, almost like a split second after our eyes are exposed. The melanin stored inside our eye becomes excited and we can perceive more details than usual. This is what makes the Arkfeld UV most effective.

Arkfeld UV:

A Prominent Arkfeld UV Olight

How does Arkfeld UV work?

Arkfeld UVs work by emitting UV rays into the dark. The system uses the light to create a high contrast light that can enhance color perception. It is intended for use in finding animals in dark environments such as caves and grottos. Arkfeld UVs works by trapping UV rays in a microscopic membrane, through which they are sent to a white LED bulb, which also has UV filters.

This hybrid bulb combines the benefits of white LEDs and the function of UV lights to render an artificial light source with superior high contrast. It was tested to demonstrate sensitivity and efficacy against UV damage and harmful rays. The product contains 50 white LEDs of 4,000 lumens each. Each LED has a 0.1 micron window on it to transmit a single wavelength of light. These light sources emit a spectrum that has some bandgap that allows UV light to pass through.

Arkfeld UV Olight - BALDR S Portable Flashlight: emergency light

Feature’s of Arkfeld UV OLIGHT

  • The Arkfeld UV OLIGHT provides a higher safety option for cave explorers and other explorers who frequently work or explore inside of caverns. There is also the added safety of the lights to reduce the effects of any UV ray exposure.
  • Multiple light sources in the Arkfeld UV OLIGHT is another benefit. Because of the dual-type of the lights, you can achieve different properties that allow you to adjust for the type of light source that you are interested in. With the Arkfeld UV OLIGHT, you can use either a white light source or a blue light. The blue light is good for darker environments because it enhances the contrast of color.
  • A brighter white light means a deeper blue light source.
  • By the use of a dimmer switch, you can increase the intensity of the light source for the best safety. The dimmer switch option allows you to increase the intensity of the light source up to the maximum brightness, which is about 600 Lumens. The Arkfeld UV OLIGHT also has an option to change the color temperature, from the traditional daylight white to a warmer brown warmer color.
  • The product has several settings that allow you to adjust the color temperature, brightness, and the noise from the light, to make it more comfortable for the user. The product also has a sensor switch that allows you to use this with special needs. These include lighting for those with visual impairment, use of a power-dependent seizure alert system and light for the blind, as well as lights for persons who have sensory disorders.

Arkfeld UV Olight - Ultimate 5 Tips to Choose Best Tactical Flashlight

What is the market size of Arkfeld UV?

There are many different Arkfeld UV systems. They can be used for large indoor, or forest or marine applications. The unit can also be operated in semi- or open-air applications. The market size for Arkfeld UVs is, however, very limited as there are only a few systems available.

A spokesperson for Olfa-Eureklitics (company that manufactures Arkfeld UVs) claimed that Arkfeld UVs can’t be seen in the dark. This is likely because most of the units that are available are enclosed in specially designed cabinets. The advantage of this, compared to no LED light at all, is that Arkfeld UVs use a bit less power, so battery life will be improved.

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