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5 Effective Tips To Enhance Office Productivity

21 Sep 2020

5 Effective Tips To Enhance Office Productivity

Productivity at work for employees can majorly be affected by both internal and external factors. While internal factors involve passion, motivation, interest areas which are mostly not in the hands of the entrepreneur; external factors include working conditions, peer employees, salaries, vacations, which are managed by the immediate seniors.

You must take extra care ofṣ these external factors and make sure that they have the best working conditions. In this article, I will introduce 5 tips that if implemented right will boost the productivity levels of your employees.

5 Effective Tips To Enhance Office Productivity List

  1. Start with priority tasks

Being productive isn’t about how much you can do in the defined time. If you are doing the wrong things, you will not only prove to be inefficient but also be unorganized. Real productivity is about doing the right thing within the given timeline, with minimal or no errors.

But your to-do list is sure to have a list of things in it. So, how will you choose? Here’s your answer: Begin with the tasks that are most important and then gradually follow with the lesser important ones.

This will boost their productivity and can be scientifically explained. Think about it like this, if an employee is asked to finish three given tasks, he would definitely perform the first one better than the next two.

The concentration levels would be higher, he would be determined and most importantly he won’t be fatigued. Thus, to maximize your employees’ productivity, it’s best to brief them about the importance of prioritization.

  1. The importance of the first hour

When an employee comes to work, he is most determined to perform well in the first hour. It gradually drops during the day due to various reasons like fatigue, socializing, and burnout. Thus, the best alternative is to capitalize on the first hour and allocate priority work in the first half of the day.

Don’t let them waste the first few hours socializing. You don’t need to be harsh on them but allocate work in a better way and leave socializing for the second half of the day.

  1. Eating Right

If your office has a canteen, even if your employees bring food from their home, they will munch on the unhealthy canteen food it has to offer. This is primarily because they eat their lunch in groups.

This will affect your office productivity because unhealthy food not only has physical harmful impacts but also makes us lazy and lethargic for the short run. You definitely don’t want your employees to bear the brunt of it.

So, recreate your canteen menu with a lot of healthy options. Offer fresh fruits and veggies instead of chips and chocolates. Instead of fried and junk items, make available home-cooked meals. This will be a major lifestyle change and will make your employees really efficient, both for the shorter, as well as the long run.

  1. Choose your office furniture wisely

You might not know this before, but our office furniture plays a role in the productivity levels of your employees. You don’t want to incorporate exhaustive furniture like bean bags and sofas which makes you feel lazy and lethargic.

You want something which is suitable for professional space, making your employees more energetic, and not lying down and chit chatting. Another pro tip would be to take care of the colors at your workplace.

The colors you see, directly affects your psyche, concentration, and focus levels. The best alternative is that you must select bright hues, instead of dull and gloomy colors, which will only make you feel restless.

This is when BFX Furniture ticks all the checkpoints and has to offer you the ideal furniture for your office. It knows and considers the fact that your workplace needs to have furniture to boost up the productivity levels and offers you exactly the same.

  1. Add breaks in the day

You cannot just have a lunch break a day and expect your employees to perform at maximum potential. Productivity isn’t just about how much you work; it is also about the quality you deliver. So make sure your employees are well-rested and have enough recess time during the day.

There are a lot of other factors like adding plants in the workplace, and decluttering your space, but the ones mentioned above prove to be most effective. Hope it helps you too!

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