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Designing Office Space? Here Are Some Useful Tips

8 February 2022

Useful Tips for Designing Office Space

According to some estimates, people generally spend more time in their offices at work than they do at home. This is the reality of living and working in the modern age, and as more and more people are sitting behind a desk from 9 to 5, making your office as pleasant and comfortable as possible should be a priority. If you feel a bit lost, and do not know where to start, here are some tips and ideas on how to design your working space.

Make it as comfortable as possible

One design idea is going with extra cushioning and comfortable furniture. Usually, you’ll try to arrange your office within an affordable price range, yet if you make cuts on comfort, you are not doing yourself a favor. Maybe reconsider the idea, and go with extra cushioning and a bit more expensive furniture. Because your workplace is like a second home to you, make sure the chair has extra back and neck support, as well as extra padding in the couch and other furnishings you typically use.

Plants and lighting

Studies have shown how plants drastically change the overall energy of the room and create a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone around. The mental health benefits of keeping plants around are many, and there are assumptions about how they can boost positive thoughts while reducing stress levels and anxiety.

Another important factor is having proper lighting, the more natural light the better, as it triggers hormones of happiness, motivating you to work better and be more creative. If you are working in a closed space, maybe buy some light bulbs imitating the natural light of the sun, and stay away from the bright white light of neon light balls, as it reminds you of a hospital rather than a working space.

Create private space for everyone

It is a well-known fact that most people do not work or function well under pressure; this also applies to working in larger groups or open spaces. Most people, especially introverts, prefer working in a more private and intimate closed space, where there is less interference from others and less communication, only when needed. An idea to consider is portable walls, as they have acoustic properties creating a private space for the whole working force.

Sound protection is especially important if you are doing jobs that require a high level of concentration and some of the best portable walls have extra soundproofing with a 360 degrees fold option. They are often made from thick materials for visual separation and can be reused for different occasions. You can connect several units to create square-spaced working spaces or whole walls to separate the people working from one another, while still having a sense of community.

They are easy to store and a much cheaper option than renting a space with several offices, especially with the rising prices. On the other hand, renting office space has its benefits, as there are many professionally staffed coworking spaces in Fort Lauderdale and other US cities that are ready to be the new home of your business, no matter the size. With many great offices, shared and private, and numerous amenities, such as access to state-of-the-art conference rooms, high-speed internet, phone and fax services, and more.

Make room for people to relax

More and more studies have shown how short pauses in a positive and relaxing environment can drastically boost the productivity of everyone working. Actually, psychologists have come to the conclusion that some people work better in the early hours of the morning until noon and how they are in need of a pause about that time, while others have higher productivity in the afternoon and are in need of rest as the sun sets down. Making room for your employees to rest, take a break, and chat a bit can influence their output later on. Therefore, think of incorporating such a space with some relaxing music, a coffee bench, and comfortable furniture.

Useful Tips for Designing Office Space

“Standing”  behind a desk

Give the option of bar stools and high chairs as some might prefer to stand while typing on their computers rather than sitting. Sitting postures acquire most damage done to the back and neck and often cause long-term damage and health problems. Standing, on the other hand, boosts the circulation and blood flow into the brain, giving an energy boost to your workforce.

Paint the walls with warm colors

As studies have shown, it is important to paint the walls of office spaces with warm colors as they boost productivity and trigger brainstorms and discussions. For example, for the working space, go with orange, yellow, or green and avoid cold colors as they are more suited for the bedroom or bathroom.

You can, however, paint the relaxing room in cold colors as it already serves for taking pauses and breaks. Regarding your office restrooms, check out for a variety of colors and bathroom stall designs.

Some extra thought is decorating the space with calendars, clocks, pictures of outdoor activities, and nature to enhance the positive energy in the room.

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