Ultimate guide for first time hiring movers

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The Ultimate Guide For First Time Hiring Movers

17 Dec 2020

Ultimate guide for first time hiring movers

Ultimate guide for first time hiring movers – helpful advice

Moving is one of those things people hate dealing with because it means a lot of work and making a lot of adjustments. There is a lot of work involved while moving, and it can be overwhelming to do it on your own. This can be even more complicated if you have not moved before. The good thing is you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can hire professionals like CBD Movers to help you out and answer any questions you might be having. This will give you peace of mind because you know professionals are handling your move.

There is a wide range of options to choose from because there are many moving companies out there. You should never make the mistake of selecting the first option you come across because you will end up regretting it. Investing time and effort in the process will help you make the right choice and end up with movers who make things easier for you. Below is the ultimate guide to use when hiring movers for the first time.

Hire a mover or do it yourself?

When people hear about hiring a full service mover, the first thing they think about is money. It is usual for people to try to save as much as possible, especially when dealing with an expensive task like moving. There are several costs you are going to incur whether you do it yourself or hire a mover. There is no way of eliminating expenses when moving. It is not going to be the best idea to cut corners about movers. Some choose to move with help from friends and family, but most of them realize that it is not the best option.

Many factors play a role in the cost of a move. The two main factors are distance and how big your home is. Movers use weight to determine the cost of your move, which means people living in smaller houses can expect to pay less. The bigger your house, the more it is going to cost.

Distance plays a significant role in the cost. A move across the town is going to be way less compared to a move across the country. Other factors that can add to the moving cost include elevators, stairs, and long hallways. Full service moving companies usually give out free quotes, which will help you know how much you will pay for the move.

Personal recommendations

One of the easiest ways of finding the right mover is asking for personal recommendations from friends and family. This is because they will honest with you and tell you whether a given mover is good or not. Think about those who have recently moved because there is a good chance, they hired a mover. This is also an excellent way to know which companies to avoid.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a moving company. It will help if you look for a mover who has been handling similar moves for many years. They are in a good position to deal with any problem that might come up in the process. They also know how to handle fragile items. Full service movers who have been around for years usually charge more than those starting, but the extra cost is worth it.


Most movers will charge you by the house (with most of them charging $30/hour). The final price is going to be a little higher or lower than quoted. Movers are usually accurate when it comes to how long your move is going to take. The moving company will ask you about the number of people living in your household, how many floors your current and new home are on, the number of rooms, and whether you own heavy pieces of furniture.

It is essential to determine the expected cost of the move from a mover before you decide to work with them. The last thing you want is to be surprised when you get the bill. It is essential to ask the movers whether they charge extra farce on exceptional circumstances like a parking permit or elevator.

Number of movers

You will pay less to get two movers, but three are going to do the job faster. You need to keep this in mind when comparing estimates from the different movers. You might think you are paying less because a mover charges a cheaper hourly rate, but the move could take longer and cost you move.

Truck size

Some people have hired movers who came with a U-Haul truck that was too small and not enough to fit the house’s contents. When choosing a mover, make sure you find out the size of the truck they have. If you live in a narrow street, make sure the truck they have will fit on your street. This will help you avoid paying for more than one trip just because the truck was too small. Movers will be ready to share this information.


Reviews have become one of the best tools for learning more about a given business or company. Customers can leave positive or negative reviews depending on the quality of service they received. If a mover has too many negative reviews, avoid them, and look for another mover. It is usual for them to have a few negative reviews. Make sure you see how the movers responded to the negative reviews.

A common mistake people make is to choose the first mover they come across. Take your time and choose a mover you will be confident working with. A mover is going to handle your belongings; go with someone you have complete trust in. Do not use price as the main factor when choosing because you get what you pay for. It can be scary if this is the first-time moving, but the guide above should be enough to help you find the right mover.

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