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post updated 19 February 2024

Office building designs

Office Buildings

We select what we feel are the key examples of Office Buildings.

We cover completed offices buildings, new workplace building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary Offices buildings but information on traditional Office buildings is also welcome.

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Architecture News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

14 February 2024
Berners and Wells, Fitzrovia, London W1, England, UK
Design: Emrys Architects
Berners and Wells Fitzrovia Property, West London
photo © Alan Williams
Berners and Wells London Property Development
Emrys Architects have delivered a major mixed-use development in Fitzrovia, located north of Oxford Street in central London. Working on behalf of clients Berners-Allsopp Estate and Schroders, the bold design sits across two urban blocks and has created over 7,000 sqm of new future-proofed office and retail space, together with significant improvements to the public realm.

8 February 2024
Neuer Kanzlerplatz, Bonn, Germany
Architects: JSWD
Neuer Kanzlerplatz Office Quarter Bonn Germany
photo © HG Esch
Neuer Kanzlerplatz Office Quarter
In 2015, as part of an urban development qualification process, the city put out a call for a concept to build the new office complex at the intersection of a heavily frequented highway and a wide set of train tracks. JSWD was awarded the contract, together with Art-Invest Real Estate.

8 February 2024
iCampus Rhenania, Munich, Germany
Architects: HENN
iCampus Rhenania Munich Germany building
photos © HGEschD
iCampus Rhenania Munich
In the new Werksviertel located in the east of Munich, where mashed potatoes, motorcycles and men’s suits were once manufactured and party people were out and about in Kunstpark Ost and Kultfabrik, a new urban neighborhood providing a high level of social diversity is currently under construction. Prominently situated with a view opening towards the Ostbahnhof station, the striking iCampus Rhenania complex of office buildings invites passersby into the neighborhood.

20 Oct 2021
Masaryčka building, Prague, Czech Republic
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Masaryčka building in Prague by Zaha Hadid Architects
render : Studio Horak
Masaryčka building in Prague
Construction of the Masaryčka building in Prague continues with the structure of the retail levels on the ground and first floors now completed. Works have begun to construct the higher floors of cantilevered offices with terraced roof gardens.

2 Aug 2016
New Leblon Offices in Brazil
Design: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP
Leblon Offices
photograph : Roland Halbe
New Leblon Offices Building
The structure consists primarily of private interior courtyards, open office spaces and a series of terraces that create a direct connection with the urban artery of Bartolomeu Mitre Avenue.

19 Aug 2013
Municipal Offices in Lacq, northern France
Design: Architect Gilles Bouchez
Municipal Offices Lacq Region
photo © Arthur Péquin pour DuPont Corian – all right reserved
Architect Gilles Bouchez has devised an ingenious and eye-catching solution to the problem of solar gain on the south facing side of his office buildings design for the new municipal office building in Lacq, France.

29 Jul 2013
Casa Rex, Pacaembu, São Paulo, Brazil
Architect: FGMF Arquitetos
Property in Pacaembu Office São Paulo
photo : Rafaela Netto
Casa Rex Pacaembu
A project made for the design office Casa Rex, in the neighborhood Pacaembu, in São Paulo, Brazil. Plural, contemporary and investigative projects, concerning mainly the use of materials and the urban interaction, are fundamental characteristics of the works by Brazilian architecture office FGMF Arquitetos.

23 Jul 2013
Number One Riverside Rochdale, England, UK
Design: Faulknerbrowns
Number One Riverside Rochdale
photo © Hufton+Crow
After a successful design competition, Faulknerbrowns were asked by Rochdale Borough Council to design a new civic office to achieve three strategic objectives:
• rationalization of their estate from thirty-three buildings into one
• provision of an environment which delivers ‘new ways of working’
• creation of a sense of community engagement and social transparency

18 Jul 2013
Lalux Corporate Headquarters, Leudelange, Luxembourg
Design: Atelier d’Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes
Lalux Corporate Headquarters
photograph :, Schindler Fenster + Fassaden
The new “Lalux” building has 2,500 aluminium louvres installed at varying intervals in alternating shades of gold, brown and bronze lend the building envelope a memorable rhythm. It is this façade of lustrous, vertical elements, whose sinewy elegance evokes the image of ripening corn in a neighbouring field that lends the building its iconic look.

9 Jul 2013
Citicape House, Holborn Viaduct / Snow Hill, City of London, England, UK
Design: Avery Associates Architects + Axis Architects
Citicape House
image from architect
Avery Associates Architects have received planning permission for a 10,800 sqm office building and 246-room hotel at the junction of Holborn Viaduct and Snow Hill in the City of London. The construction phase has now been given the go ahead. The site presented some unusually challenging constraints.

3 Jul 2013
UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: 3XN
United Nations Head Office Copenhagen
photo : Adam Mørk
UN City
The new regional head office of the United Nations is designed with clear references to the UN’s identity and values: It is a building that physically reaches out to all parts the world, while the sculptural staircase in its core reflects the UN’s work to create global dialogue.

2 Jul 2013
NS Stations Headquarters – Interior Refurbishment, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Design: NL Architects
NS Stations Headquarters Utrecht
photo from architect
NS Stations Headquarters
The current floor plan consists of typical cellular offices along the facade and an oversized hallway in the center. The basic idea is to introduce a series of perpendicular walls that will organize the space. By ‘inflating’ these partitioning walls they can become storage spaces.

20 May 2013
Premier Campus Office, Istanbul, Turkey
Design: JDS Architects
Premier Campus Office Istanbul
image from architect
Premier Campus Offices Istanbul
The volume of the block is literally carved out to invite the surroundings in. The local hilly landscape, characteristic to Istanbul, is continued in the meandering of the volume both in plan, adapting to the site’s edges, and in section, weaving into itself in a series of gentle curving slopes, echoing the nearby Bosphorus waves.

15 Apr 2013
Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters, Slovakia
Design: Paulíny Hovorka Architekti + Stefan Moravcik
Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters - Slovakia
photo : Branislav Hovorka
Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters Building
The Phoenix Zeppelin Headquarters is a hybrid building comprising diverse uses of offices/administration and services/repair centre with warehousing and technical areas located between them. The main business of the client is sales, servicing and renting of construction machinery.

11 Apr 2013
Office for Living, Workplace Concept
Design: Jean Nouvel
Office Building Concept
image from architects
Office Building Concept
Jean Nouvel’s response to Cosmit’s commission for a huge project, tailored specifically to the Saloni and documenting the tremendous changes that have changed the face of living and work spaces alike over the past few years is “a project that frees up the office space, a counter to urban segregation and the zoning of other specially dedicated workplaces.”

5 Feb 2013
Repsol Headquarters Building, Madrid, Spain
Design: Rafael de la-Hoz Architect
Repsol Office Headquarters Campus Building Madrid
photo from architects
Repsol Madrid Office Building
Inauguration of the new headquarters of the company Repsol by the architect Rafael de la-Hoz. The new campus, a world reference in corporate offices, is designed as an intelligent building where interaction and exchange among the 4,000 people who work in there is fostered.

7 Jan 2013
La Serenissima Office, Milan, Italy
Design: Park Associati
La Serenissima Milan
photo : Andrea Martiradonna
Office Building in Milan
When this building was built, it was considered to be modern and technologically advanced, even experimental. Today however, many of its undeniably attractive aspects have become outdated with regards to current standards of building construction. For this reason the new owner, aware of its quality and evocative presence, decided to bring in architects to redesign the complex.

24 Oct 2012
Aron R&D Center, Toukai, Japan
Design: Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates
Aron Toukai Building
photograph from architect
Aron R&D Center
This building is expected to gather together various functions from their old Laboratories, and to provide a place to create new ideas and to heighten their innovativeness through facilitating brainstorms. The site is located along Nagoya Bay.

19 Jul 2012
Eneco Headquarter building – interior design, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Design: Hofman Dujardin Architects in collaboration with Fokkema&Partners
Eneco Headquarter Building Rotterdam Offices
photo : Maarten Laupman
Eneco Offices Rotterdam building
New interiors for sustainable energy company Eneco’s offices building – a revitalised working environment complete with solar power, natural light and oxygen from internal vegetation, echoing Eneco’s vision of sustainability. Eneco’s new building is a good example of “how clever and efficient office design can offer employees the possibility to work flexibly in a dynamic, open, sustainable and healthy environment”.

25 Apr 2012
ZAC Pajol, Paris, France
ZAC Pajol Paris office buildig design
photograph : David Boureau
ZAC Pajol Office Building
This office building is situated in the 18th arrondissement, in the context of a vast regeneration project for this previously industrial area. The offices building has been inspired by the tradition of the “HOTEL INDUSTRIEL” and establishes a singular volume which apparent rigidity contrasts with its flexible use, and constitutes a durable structure.

29 Feb 2012
B5 Building, Milan, Italy
Design: Barreca & La Varra, Architects
B5 Building for RCS Mediagroup Milan
photo : Paolo Rosselli
B5 Office Building
In the north-eastern outskirts of Milan, as part of the restructuring of the former industrial core that houses the RCS Mediagroup, the new office building B5 designed by Barreca & La Varra studio has just been completed.

1 Feb 2012
KPMG Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark
Design: 3XN
KPMG Copenhagen Building
picture : Adam Mørk
KPMG Office Building
A balance between a thoughtful blending into the surrounding scale and an elegant, yet significant expression has been the driving thought behind this design of the new Copenhagen Headquarters for accountancy and consultancy firm KPMG. The company is certain that their new building gives them the right settings and environment to achieve future growth.

21 Nov 2011
Origami Building, Paris, France
Design: Manuelle Gautrand
Origami Building Barclays Capital Bank Paris
photo © Manuelle Gautrand Architect. photo Vincent Fillon
Origami Building

Key Office Architecture

Broadgate development, England
Arup Associates / SOM
Broadgate office development
buildings image © Adrian Welch
Broadgate Buildings

Canary Wharf Building, England
Cesar Pelli
Canary Wharf offices
photograph © Jason Baxter
Canary Wharf Building

Cocoon EMEA Hub, Switzerland
Camenzind Evolution
Cocoon Offices
photo : Camenzind Evolution
Cocoon Office Interior

CTTI Offices, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
ACXT Architects
CTTI Offices
photo : Eugeni Pons
CTTI Offices

Economist Building, England
The Smithsons
Economist Building
image © Adrian Welch
Economist Building

Energex Headquarters, Brisbane
Cox Rayner / BVN Architecture
Energex Headquarters Brisbane
photo : Christopher Frederick Jones
Energex Headquarters

Google Offices, Switzerland
Camenzind Evolution
Google Offices
image from designers
Google Office building

IAC Headquarters, USA
Frank Gehry Architect
IAC Offices New York
photo © 2008 Gehry Partners LLP
InterActiveCorp Manhattan

Lloyds Building, City of London, UK
Richard Rogers Partnership
Lloyds Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Lloyds Building

London City Hall, UK
Foster + Partners
London City Hall
picture © Adrian Welch
London City Hall

S11 – Office Complex, Germany
J. MAYER H. Architects
Hamburg Office building
image from architects
S11 Hamburg Offices

TBWAHakuhodo Office Interior, Japan
Klein Dytham architecture
TBWAHakuhodo office interior
photograph : Kozo Takayama
TBWAHakuhodo Tokyo

Town Town Office Tower, Vienna, Austria
Town Town Erdberg Tower
image ©, Vienna
Town Town Tower

Willis Tower Building, City of London, England, UK
Foster + Partners
Willis Tower
image © Adrian Welch
Willis Building City of London

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